EasyJet passenger claims airline damaged suitcase so heavy that it seemed as if it ‘exploded’

An EasyJet passenger claims her bag was so badly damaged, that it seemed as if it was caused by an explosion.”


Airlines losing your luggage is understandably frustrating. But the airlines damaging your luggage beyond repair can be absolutely infuriating.

Jiwon Choi, a phd student at Exeter University in London, travelling from Seville to London Gatwick when she discovered her suitcase had somehow irreparably damaged during the flight.

“An otherwise wonderful trip was ruined by this amazing experience,” Choi wrote on Facebook.

Commenters on Choi’s post said that the bag looked like it exploded, or maybe there was a fire. However, Choi responded by saying that there is no smell or melted products in her bag.

“I’m not carrying a dangerous or restricted items, and indeed there is no sensation of fire,” Choi wrote.

When they are in contact with EasyJet, she got even more upset. “Without one word of apology, she asked me for more photos … I was also asked to provide information such as the number of wheels, and the dimensions of the case,” Choi wrote.

“I know that the information is definitely needed for the procedure, but they have apologized for the first one, and then even explained why they needed such questions that might make the person upset already in this stressful situation,” Choi said in a comment on her Facebook post.

According to her conversation with EasyJet, staff, “she said, as she took the fall of the load of the vehicle for something (possibly it was dragged all of the roadway). There is also a chance that it is jammed under the conveyor.”

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“EasyJet is sorry for the damage caused to Ms Choi’s bag during transport. We work closely with all our airport partners to ensure that our passengers ‘ bags are safely handled with care and will investigate this with our earth dealing provider at London Gatwick Airport,” a spokesperson of the airline told the Daily Mail.

“EasyJet flies an average of more than 1,700 flights per day in more than 30 countries and incidents of damaged luggage are extremely low. Our team is contact Ms. Choi to offer a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience.”

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