Early transition increases the risk of heart disease

Early transition increases the risk of heart disease

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Women who already have young in the transition seem to be more at risk for heart disease and premature death. This is evident from an examination of the Erasmus MC.

The researchers looked at 32 previous studies involving a total of more than 300,000 women participated. They compared women with menopause before the age of 45 began with women after the age of 45 in the transition came. The results of the study are published in JAMA Cardiology.

The risk of heart disease found a 50 percent greater in women who are younger than 45 years were when the menopause took place. Early in the transition to come also proved the risk of heart disease and premature death increase. The chance of a stroke, however, was not higher in women who are young in the transition came.


This study, however, show only a link between early menopause and heart disease. There is no evidence that early in the transition, come heart disease or premature death caused.

Women who are early in the transition would benefit from preventive treatments for heart disease, such as hormone therapy.

Early transition

Usually starts menopause at age 51, but one in ten women is at the age of 45 naturally in the transition. Also, some treatments against cancer and the surgical removal of the ovaries to an early menopause cause.

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