E-the goalkeeper Bizot: ‘if we Had another one the end of 2019-in my head

E-the goalkeeper Marco Bizot was a Saturday with a “clean sheet” in the uitduel with Sparta Rotterdam, a 48-year-old record of former Ajax keeper Heinz Stuy will be broken, but hope was less than five minutes had passed. Bizot was a quick red card and saw his team and then with a 3-0 loss.

“I have had the other end of 2019 at the latest, in my head, was fed up with the 28-year-old Bizot, in a conversation with FOX Sports after the fall of The Castle.

The champions league was decided in the fifth minute when Sparta midfielder Ragnar Ache after a through ball from the back of the Z-match Stijn Wuytens was able to walk away. Bizot was too late, and hit up the broken Ache for the zestienmetergebied, and then he’s on the field, was sent off by the referee, Kevin Blom.

“Ache to do the smart move, and he tapped the ball in just before me,” said Bizot. “I was a little late, but I had to be a bit faster or that bit smarter to the situation to have to deal with. I didn’t have the red to get it, that’s for sure. This is a teaching moment.”

The international was well behind the selection in order to get out of it. “I saw that would have landed to arrive, and I think that’s a good choice to try to Ache them. This is my game, I want to be in this kind of situation is this the way to fight. It is often a good one.”

Bizot was in the catacombs and that of the Race, having scored by Adil Auassar, Bryan Smith, and Halil Dervisoglu (penalty) and ten players from a-Z in a result that came up. “Not only am I shocked, disappointed”, according to Bizot. “We have a proven track record that we have, with ten men, still more than happy to do it, but that was tonight, unfortunately, not an option.”

Goalkeeper Marco Bizot is sent off by the referee, Kevin Blom. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Finally, take Bizot red card to blame

Trainer, He Finally took Bizot, the red card was partly to blame. “What I see is that there is a ball behind it, Stu, is being played out, Marco decides to get out of it. He is Ache and can be a referee, a red display. The blame I asked him to do that? It estimates a situation is not very good at it. That’s what happened, Stu two times. Afterwards, Marco also found that he didn’t have to come out, and if you’re going to be late, you may want your goal to be that way.”

The red card was the break point of the match, and suggested in conclusion. A-Z was no longer set up after the opening goal of the Auassar. “It is true that after the 1-0 is not a more worthwhile endeavor. It’s too bad, if you asked ten people to the left. However, if they still have a shot distance at the crossing, shoot up, it will be a very tough game.”

A-Z is number two on the League’s winter break-in, and to the satisfaction of the Conclusion. “We’ll be able to look back on a very, very good in the first half of the season. Last week, it seemed like it was bonuszege (Ajax, ed.). to be with you now we’re giving that away. This is very unfortunate, but we’ve still got a lot to fight for.”

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