Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks announce the 2020 Presidential ticket in ‘SNL’ season finale monologue

Dwayne Johnson is “officially” running for president, and he used his monologue as the host of the “Saturday Night Live” season finale over the weekend to share the big news.

Came on to the stage of Alec Baldwin – who has just finished playing Trump in the show’s cold open – the 17-time host welcomed Johnson in SNL Five-Timer Club with one of the iconic smoking jackets, and the action stars celebrated by announcing his candidacy — and even selected a running mate.

“He is already in the Five Timers Club, and like me, he’s very well liked,” Johnson teased, leads Baldwin to believe that he had chosen. “He is charming, universally loved by almost every human being… Mr. Tom Hanks!”

Hanks walked, rocking from Five Timers Club smoking jacket as well and graciously accepted the appointment, which Baldwin dejected. Johnson and Hanks quickly get back to brass tacks to talk about their political platform, and why they are a good candidates.

“In the past I would never have considered for the president. I don’t think I was qualified,” the Jumanji star shared. “But now I’m really scared, I am also a qualified.

“Well, the truth is, America needs us,” Hanks replied. “No one can seem to agree on nothing more, except for two things!”

“Pizza and us,” Johnson explained.

Hanks explained how, together, they would 100 percent of the votes, because he would bring in the senior vote – because he fought in the second world War “, in 10 different movies” – while Johnson said that he would get the minority vote because “everyone assumes I’m what they are.”

In addition, Hanks could use his solemn to help the country in times of turmoil, while Johnson is just authoritative personality that could help America by means of a natural disaster, such as, “when California splits off and falls into the ocean.

The pair finally solidified their campaign by the rollout of a huge “Johnson Hanks 2020” banner in the middle of a rain of red, white and blue confetti.

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