Duterte says the purchase of AMERICAN F-16 fighter jets ‘completely useless’

MANILA, Philippines-The Philippine president is the opposite of a bid by the AMERICAN defence chief and other Us officials to purchase F-16 fighter jets, saying that such an acquisition would be “completely useless” because his country must be lighter fighter jets to fight rebels.

President Rodrigo Duterte scoffed Thursday night at the offer that he said was in a letter from Minister of Defence James Mattis, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Trade Minister Wilbur Ross, who came out after he was struck by the U.S. for its lethal action against illegal drugs.

During a televised speech at a military ceremony, Duterte read what he said was the letter addressed to him by the U.S. government.

Duterte said the Philippines does not need the F-16’s, “and she dangled them for us after they humiliated us.”

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