Duterte says more time need to have for drugs, Philippines

Duterte says more time need to have for drugs, Philippines


The Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte thinks six months is required to have for its war against drugs. The narcoticaprobleem in his country appears to be greater than he thought when he was two months ago, his office accepted it, ” he said Sunday.

The former mayor of the city of Davao was in may chosen after a campaign in which he promised crime and corruption is hard to tackle and within three to six months to deal with drug dealers and users.

In the past ten weeks have been more than 3500 deaths, to the great concern of the United Nations and the United States. Of the criticism of his policies wants Duterte know nothing.

“I realized how serious the drugsgevaar in this republic was, until I became president,” said Duterte. There are “hundreds of thousands” of people in the drug trade, many of whom are in the government, he added. “We need more time to get their house in order.”


Duterte took earlier soldiers, police officers, members of parliament and magistrates on the grain that allegedly with links to drug traffickers.

Now he says about a new list to have a more selected figures, such as village chiefs or “barangay captains”. Duterte said to be in favor of postponing the barangay elections in October, because of drug candidates that work with them financial support.

“It has all the appearance of that drug trafficking has penetrated to the government,” said Duterte. The mainly foreign critics “have not, because it is not their country,” he said.

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