Dutch YouTubers to get a penalty for the Area 51 incident

The Dutch YouTubers Michelle Granzier (20) and the It Front (21) and were both convicted and sentenced to pay a fine of € 2.280 dollar, shall be converted as of 2,100 euro for the entry into the high-security Area 51 in the United States of america. The duo had last week, be aware warning signs are ignored, and took the camera with me to take their trip to.

Also, you should Granzier, and Sweep back into the cell, and may be there for a Thursday stay. If they are, then the fine is not paid, there are seven days in jail for.

The two must also have one year from the close of the Area-51 will continue, if this is not done yet, still have a prison sentence of up to one year. It is not clear whether the Dutch right to lodge an appeal against the decision.

Both the Front-and if Granzier has a fault which is known in the case, confirmed a spokesperson of the local courts of Three, in a conversation with They were charged with knowingly entering the restricted area and the deliberate parking of his vehicle.

If, Sweep, and Granzier, the funds have been transferred, they will be on Thursday at 4.00 in the morning (local time), and released. If they don’t, then the Dutch again, one week is allowed.

Their presence and equipment have been taken and will continue to be in the possession of the united states district court. The couple said that it was “not intended” to be located on the property to the market.


Where did you get them alienverhalen about Area 51 come from?

Authorities are on alert due to the possible range and Area 51

The spokesman stressed that the netherlands has to take is to stay away from the area.

The Us authorities are standing on the edge, with a probable range of the region on the 20th of september. On Facebook was announced for the event is in the millions of registrations to count.


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