Dutch YouTubers stuck in the US after you enter area, Area 51

The two Dutch YouTubers were on Tuesday arrested for entering the area surrounding the high-security area, Area 51 is located in the U.s. state of Nevada. The two men, according to the local law enforcement aware of warning signs are ignored, and the next is about 5 miles from the area and pulled in.

According to the police, Nye County is going to have Ties Granzier and It Front. The YouTubers would have to let them know that they are in the area, “wanted to explore”. Ultimately, Granzier is a video of the tour that they want to upload.

The agents searched the car of the day had a few cameras and a drone, and the footage that is already on the site, which had been made. The duo had to take it to the desk and is ever since in a detention centre near the famous Las Vegas strip.

Granzier, whose YouTube channel is 735.000 subscribers, alluded on Tuesday on his Instagram page, has been that he is a very dangerous place in the area and wanted to be out of it. “Now, due to crazy pictures of crazy adventures, and Area 51,” wrote the 21-year-old Person in the “Grand Canyon” photo.


Police to explain why the Dutch Youtubers caught

Is already months and months of controversy about a possible assault on Area 51

In the United States over the past few months a lot of to do in the area, which is part of the kernwapentestgebied the Nevada National Security Site.

On Facebook, it would be an event created on september 20, mass, Area 51 by storm, as there has been rumors going around that there was ‘an alien spacecraft’ and ‘alien’ are to be kept. The initiative already has the plug for the page that is pulled because he’s a “humanitarian crisis” fear.


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