Dutch YouTubers and released after paying a fine for entering Area 51

The Dutch YouTubers Michelle Granzier (20) and the It Front (21) and his Thursday morning (local time), released from a Us prison cell. The duo also has the penalty of 2.280 dollars (about 2.100 euro for their entry into the high-security Area 51 is in the state of Nevada, to be paid.

Front is telling us about the broadcast of The Coen & Sander Show on Radio 538 happy to be back on free-to-be. “It’s been very hectic, and we’ve been through a lot. Everywhere was white and it reeked of urine,” he says about his time together with the Granzier into the cell.

Granzier, and Sweep were charged with knowingly entering the restricted area and the deliberate parking of his vehicle. The men are to blame for well-known. In addition to the payment of the fine, which must be the two who were a year away from Area 51, keep.

The YouTubers that were on the 12 september regime. According to the police, ignoring the Dutch are aware of warning signs and they were almost 5 miles into the area. With their equipment and in fact have been taken. The couple had been planning to make a video about the trip, and upload it.


Building YouTubers, Area 51, react to prison sentence and a fine

Sweep acknowledges that more research was needed

Sweep acknowledges that, in The Coen & Sander Show, that he is, and Granzier ahead of time, much more research ought to be doing, so that they are clearly understood and that any such actions will not be tolerated in the United States of america. Front and Granzier tell their whole story, soon-to-be would like to share it on their YouTube channel.

In the United States over the past few months a lot of to do at Area 51, which is a part of the kernwapentestgebied the Nevada National Security Site. The Us authorities are standing on the edge, with a probable range of the region on Friday. On Facebook was announced for the event is in the millions of registrations to count.


Where did you get them alienverhalen about Area 51 come from?


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