Dutch workers skip breakfast often

Dutch workers skip breakfast often

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One in five Dutch employees saves regularly breakfast. Especially vijftigplussers start the day without a morning meal.

Only in Sweden (43 percent) and Germany (25 percent), breakfast is often skipped, according to the Eating at Work-research of Eurest, carried out by TNS among 9.477 employees in ten European countries.

Young people between sixteen and 24, of which 86 percent is always breakfast, opting in many cases for a breakfast outside the door and pick up the first meal of the day on the way to work or in the canteen.

The dinner is less often skipped, four percent do this sometimes. The most popular time for dinner is between 18 and 19 hours, more than half of the working Dutch people eat during this hour.

More than thirty percent start between 17.00 and 18.00 hrs with the evening meal. There are Dutch people working, on average, the earliest ‘avondeters’ of Europe. In Southern Europe, it is last eaten, with Spain as hekkensluiter. 74 percent of working Spaniards do not eat for 21 hours.


64 percent of women choose to have a snack, and then most often between 15 and 16 hours. 52 percent of the men snackt between the main meals. They go often to the canteen, while the female half of the onderzoekdeelnemers especially to bring anything from home.

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