Dutch women increasingly use of Danish donorzaad’

Dutch women increasingly use of Danish donorzaad’

Dutch women with a desire to have children increasingly use spermazaad from a donor from Denmark, because the transplant organ banks in the Netherlands have to contend with shortages.

Of the nine transplant organ banks in the Netherlands inseminate five women with sperm that via internet is ordered from abroad. More than 320 foreign donors, of which the largest part of Denmark, there are registered, it writes the AD on the basis of own research.

In Denmark, the two largest transplant organ banks of the world. The netherlands has long been a shortage of donors. Annual requests of about a thousand women to a treatment, but there are currently no three hundred men registered as donors.

Women don’t need on the waiting list for Danish donorzaad. According to the newspaper expect clinics that the interest in Danish seed the next time increases. Since 2002 donorzaad of the Danish spermabank Cryos provided for 868 Dutch pregnancies.

25 children

This year are 103 Dutch women get pregnant from Danish seed. According to the director of Cryos, Ole Schou, is the abandonment of donorzaad in Denmark is less of a taboo.

Different clinics reject sperm from foreign donors, because difficult to determine is how many children a donor around. In the Netherlands a spermadonor up to 25 donorkinderen. The control, it appears difficult in practice, because there is no central registration.

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