Dutch twenty-somethings walk most of the risk of sti or hiv

Dutch twenty-somethings walk most of the risk of sti or hiv

Dutch men and women between twenty and thirty years old are most at risk for contracting an std or hiv. Also, this group is the most testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

This is evident from the Health survey/Leefstijlmonitor of the CBS in cooperation with the RIVM, Rutgers and Soa Aids Nederland. They conducted research among more than 9,000 respondents.

Of the men between twenty and thirty says 9 percent in the last sekscontact to have had with a single partner without a condom was used. In women in the same age group, the percentage of 7 percent.

Of all Dutch people of sixteen years of age and older has 3 percent during the last sekscontact unprotected had sex with a single partner. In total, more men (3 percent) than women (2 percent) the last time sex without a condom with a loose partner.

Of the respondents 4 percent during the past year to be tested for hiv and 5 percent on a soa. Men and women are often tested for hiv, but women are more often testing on an soa (6 percent versus 4 percent).

Non-western migrant background

Twenty-somethings are the most testing. So 11 percent during the past year on hiv testing and 14 percent on a soa.

More Dutch people with a non-western immigrant and second generation in the past year more often have multiple sexual partners than other people. They are also more frequent testing for hiv and stis: 15 percent allowed himself to testing for stis, and 10 percent for hiv.

Also, men who have sex with men were more frequent testing. Approximately one in five men commissioned research or he has a std or hiv had six times as often as heterosexual men.

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