Dutch supercomputer is not more in hundred fastest in the world

Dutch supercomputer is not more in hundred fastest in the world

Photo: Surfsara

The Dutch supercomputer Cartesius 2, of the university institute SURFsara, is out of the global top 100 fastest supercomputers in some cases.

The device, which is in Amsterdam, and can be used by scientists from several universities, is now on place 113. Last year, the Cartesius 2 is still in place 80 in the Top 500 list twice a year, is refreshed.

A Swiss supercomputer has the third spot on the list conquered, and thus the fastest American supercomputer from the top 3 bumped. The ranking is, like last year, led by two Chinese supercomputers.

The Sunway TaihuLight, with a computing power of 93 petaflop (93 quadrillion calculations per second), continues to lead. The device has more than 10 million core chip, more than three times as much as its main competitor.

On the second place remains the Tianhe-2, with a force of nearly 34 petaflop. The Swiss supercomputer, which is in Lugano, has a speed of almost 20 petaflop, with over 361.000-core chip. That is slightly faster than the American Cray XK7 (usd 17.6 petaflop), which 560.000-core chip.


The Dutch Cartesius 2 has nearly 39.000-core chip, which is collectively a little more than 1 petaflop generation. Although the United States is no longer in the top 3, the country has still five of the ten fastest supercomputers.

The ‘greenest’ supercomputer in Tokyo. The Tsubame 3.0, a rate of 14.1 gigaflops per watt, and is therefore the most efficient. The Chinese supercomputer which is the Top 500 puts forward takes only 6.1 gigaflops per watt, and the Cartesius 2 achieved a 1.5 gigaflops per watt.

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