Dutch researchers make breakthrough in food security

Dutch researchers make breakthrough in food security

Photo: dalhuijsen

Dutch researchers have found a way to get certain crops to grow depreciated, salty agricultural land. Until now, it was food production on verzilte ground always impossible.

Today, the results of the research, commissioned by the secretary of state Of Dam (Economic Affairs) is carried out by public and private kennispartijen, to the Second Room sent.

The research shows that specific potato varieties, carrots, red onions, white cabbage and broccoli do well if they are on a special way to the root with salt water to be irrigated. In the application of these can be worldwide on large surfaces verzilte ground food to be grown. a major breakthrough in food security.


Secretary of state Of the Dam: “Worldwide, one billion hectares of agricultural land by salinization is depreciated. With our knowledge and our crops can the land be used to produce food. The use of our knowledge and our crops provides export opportunities for the Dutch agro-sector, but is particularly an important breakthrough in feeding the world.”

Siltation is a big problem, the world has about a billion acres of verzilte ground. In the Netherlands in 2030 around 125,000 hectares of land become saline.

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