‘Dutch rare declaration of cybercrime’

‘Dutch rare declaration of cybercrime’

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The Dutch report cybercrime rarely to the police. Of offences of cyber bullying and hacking is hardly reported to the police, according to a new report.

Victims of cyberpesterij or hacks to do it in less than 10 percent of the cases of declaration thereof, according to a new survey of Scientific Research and Documentation centre (WODC), that Thursday to the Second Room is sent.

The report reveals that victims of sexual assault in fewer than 10 percent of the cases, proceed to declaration. Identity and koopfraude are more frequently reported, but also of those crimes is less than one in five cases reported to the police.

Of burglaries and thefts are by most people, however, reported to the police, according to the report.


According to the WODC, it is notable that cybercrime is so little reported, because slachtofferenquêtes shows that internetmisdaden understand more and more common. “The declaration, and we consider strategies seems to be so greatly enlarged by victims of these offences, to encourage more frequent reporting to the police,” said the authors of the report.

In a response to the Second Room writes minister Ard van der Steur organisations such as the National Hotline Internetoplichting (LMIO) and the Meldpunt child Pornography to ensure that cybercrime is more commonly reported.

Earlier this year, the LMIO, however, that the number of reports of scams via the internet just drops. A spokesman of the Fraudehelpdesk said that people are less inclined to scam report “because there are often no individual cases will be done”.


In a critical report on the police was earlier this year that the handling of cybercrime and fraud is “inadequate”. “Many of the victims are not helped, and the aangiftebereidheid takes off”, reported the authors of that report already.

According to the previous research is cybercrime is slowly treated, which is essential evidence often already disappeared as a crime to be dealt with by the police. In particular, companies would be discouraged to report.




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