Dutch police drew heavily on unconscious Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’

The Dutch police have, largely unconsciously, contributed to the arrest of one of the largest drugsbarons in the world: the Mexican Joaquín Guzmán, better known as ‘El Chapo’.

The Rural Unit confirms the notice in the newspaper stating that police in the Netherlands in 2011 and 2012, large parts of the drug network around ‘El Chapo’ afluisterde.

Research by the newspaper shows that a server that is in the afluisteroperatie was used in the Netherlands was established. The tapped communication was passed on to the FBI. This gave the American investigation is a good image of the drug cartel, and in addition, for the first time the voice of El Chapo heard.

The Dutch police knew the importance of the operation only partially, writes the newspaper. The FBI told until January 2013 that the afluisteroperatie to ‘El Chapo’ turned.

The network around the drug lord could be bugged, because an infiltrator for the FBI worked with the communications network for him had set up. The FBI therefore had access to the server and the keys for the messages to decipher.

Server came by close cooperation in the Netherlands

Allegedly came to the server because of the close cooperation in the Netherlands. Also going to the Netherlands in comparison with other countries easily with tapverzoeken.

“We have, in consultation with the Public prosecution service (OM) decided to respond to the request of the Americans,” said a politiewoordvoerder in a comment after the news of the Volkskrant, which indicates that this kind of requests often come in.

From the time that the server is in the Netherlands, was used, was the communication around ‘El Chapo’ drained by the High Tech Crime Team (THTC). The encrypted data were transmitted to the FBI.

In the Netherlands, few people have been aware of the collection of the data. Also, the police would only be a small group conscience of the cooperation with the FBI.

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