‘Dutch people over 65, as of now, they are vital and healthy’

‘Dutch people over 65, as of now, they are vital and healthy’

The current generation of those over 65 is relatively healthy and fit, confirm the figures that the Central Bureau of Statistics on Friday publishes. In a report on Trends in the Netherlands to 2017 calls it the “vital legacy” as a major development.

To start with, the life expectancy increased further: men who are now 65 are, according to the latest figures, an average of nineteen years for the bow, women another 21 years. Two decades ago, the life expectancy for men, still, 3.5 years lower for women two years. Dutch people also live longer in good health: men have in twenty years, three healthy years, ‘won’, women two.


Elderly people live longer independently, make a note of the CBS. And they sport a relatively large. As cycling of people between 65 and 75 years, an average of 2.6 km per day, a distance that only young people between 12 and 25 is exceeded.

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In 2016, it was 15 percent of the 65 – to 75-year-olds still a member of a sports association and of the 75-plus age says about a quarter every week to exercise.

The elderly drive in addition, more cars than in the past. In 2007, possessed still 420 out of 1000 people over 65 a car, in 2017 had risen to 528 out of 1000 people. Because the group of elderly people also continues to grow, there is aging on the road. The CBS figures for that at the beginning of this year, almost 1.7 million cars rondreden whose owner is 65 years of age or older. That there are a whopping 675.000 more than ten years back.

Another trend

The CBS explored not only the developments within the ageing part of the population. In addition to a “vital ageing” the research firm also “the rise of flexible working” is an important trend. The number of employees with a flexible employment continues to rise, In 2016, there were 1.8 million, compared to 1.1 million in 2003. In the same period, the number of call – and invalskrachten even more than doubled.

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According to the CBS says one in three temporary workers the flexibility to appreciate. The majority indicates, however, that the employment relationship out of necessity is born.

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