Dutch oorlogswrakken java sea with certainty disappeared

Dutch oorlogswrakken java sea with certainty disappeared

Three Dutch ii wrecks that are on the bottom of the java sea the oorlogsgraf formed for hundreds of passengers, are gone.

Dutch and Indonesian experts have determined that the good place to the wrecks is sought and that there have been bergingsoperaties.

In november it was announced that the wrecks of the cruisers De Ruyter and Java, and a large part of the destroyer Kortenaer, there is very likely no longer there. This to the dismay of survivors. The ships were this month 75 years ago during the Battle of the java sea with Japan.

The latest findings Monday offered to minister Jet Bussemaker (Education, Culture and Science) that a visit to Indonesia. It is not yet known exactly what happened and who the ships salvaged. In their report, advise the researchers, further research to do.

Indonesia and the Netherlands have also agreed to work more closely to work, to maritime heritage to protect.

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