Dutch men often have good relationship with mother-in-law

Dutch men often have good relationship with mother-in-law

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Dutch men often have a good relationship with their mother-in-law. On average, they will judge her with a 7.2.

In Flevoland are mothers-in-law is the highest rated, with an 8.1. With a 6.0 are mothers-in-law in the province of Zeeland, a lot less popular.

Generally, it seems that men be well on their way to both the mother-in-law as a father-in-law. According to a survey of a mannenmodeketen, among the 1,300 Dutch men of eighteen years of age and older, say around seven in ten respondents have a good to very good relationship with the in-laws.

How good this band is, varies per province. On average, the best relations, in the province of Drenthe (84,6%) and Gelderland (73.7 percent). In Zealand, it seems that men have less contact with their parents-in-law to have. Half of the respondents at the most reasonable on to be able to shoot with their wife’s family.


In the province of Zeeland to visit men their mothers than the least. According to the research, 60 percent of the Zeeland men are parents only one time per month a visit.

Only in Groningen to be in-laws are less searched. Here, 75 percent of respondents once a month on business.

Men continue to prefer home (26,9 percent) when they meet with their in-laws. 24.4 percent going to prefer to have a ‘bite to eat’.

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