Dutch Max Croes plays in Rocketman: ‘I thought: wow, this is a big deal’

The film Rocketman about the life of Elton John will Thursday officially premiered. The production also has a Dutch touch: musicalactrice Celinde Schoenmaker and actor Max Croes have roles in the film. talks with the latter about his role and how it is to be in such a grand production to play.

The thirty years Sobin lives in England and is that moved to his acteerambities. “I have a master of law, but I decided to be an actor,” he says, in conversation with

The actor is abroad grown up, and thus has an American accent. “But to America, moving was difficult, so I had myself invented that London was the best for me.”

Croes joined a management agency that auditions for him controls, including those for the Rocketman. “Then there is all of a sudden a confidential script of a very beautiful film on your desk,” says Croes. “I thought: wow, this is a big deal.”

“It’s all new songs discovered’

The Dutchman is then to London went for the audition where he was among others director Dexter Fletcher audition had to do. “When I heard that I took on the role, am I right everything from Elton to listen to. I have all new songs discovered, which I previously did not even know that they were his.”

The role Sobin plays, is that of Venus Valentine, a rock star with Elton John (role of Taron Egerton) in a rehab. “I’m in three scenes, a flashback-like sequence in which Elton his story to us, and I’m sitting there with a cigarette. By the assembly is a part of my text disappeared, but I shouldn’t complain. I have three and a half week to work on a big, beautiful production.”


Tumultuous life Sir Elton John to see in the trailer filmmusical Rocketman

‘More than my best I cannot do’

The recording is called Croes “beautiful and hectic at the same time”. “I was at the same time, a series recording (Banged Up Abroad, ed.), so sat with my head in two different characters. But on the set was so well-cared for me, so the only thing I had to do was create a button to convert.”

Rocketman was already well received at the Cannes film festival and it seems that the film, which centres around the younger years of the now 72-year-old Elton John, a great success.

“Of course I hope that this leads to more roles leads”, says Croes. “I do a lot of auditions, but more than my best I cannot do. Every budding actor’s dream, of course, to big to break through. I am now seen by the right people, I’ve already achieved more than several years ago, I had dare to dream.”

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