“Dutch Justin Bieber Monsif threatened school to ruin

“Dutch Justin Bieber Monsif threatened school to ruin

Singer and producer Monsif Bakkali threatened his schooling to screw up, because his artiestenbestaan a lot of time required.

“Every day after school I had a gig or interview. I had no time to learn for tests and I also wanted to occasionally “chill out”, says the producer and singer in an interview with the Volkskrant.

The now twenty-year-old son of a Moroccan father and a Dutch mother, was by his hit with me at the age of 13 a kindster and through different media “Dutch Justin Bieber”. He received gold and platinum records, but the artiestenleven demanded his toll.

“I wanted to Monsif and make music, but in a relaxed way. At such age you should not so much stress.”


Bakkali is since a number of years on producing songs for other artists, such as Rascal and Josylvio and dragged thus millions of views on YouTube.

“I can in half an hour so a hard gangsterbeat. Tomorrow you can get a pop song of hear me. Then the next day, again a dancenummer. I do everything and work with everyone.”

But he is himself not forgotten and will soon launch a new, own songs, out: “Actually, this years exercise. Ultimately, I make the best track for myself.”

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