DUTCH journalist Robert Bas is being held hostage by the district court of Rotterdam

Robert James, a reporter from the Dutch, the Rotterdam court in the hostage-taking was taken. The judge took this decision, because the Bass is not willing to give in order for a witness to answer questions in a criminal trial, reports bbc news.

The hostage-taking was a legal injunctive relief, in which the person in question for a certain period of time is fixed. Attempts to use the hostages to demand an explanation, but to explain.

Bass referred “to the principal, and the legal reasons on his / her right as a journalist and did not provide the answers to the questions that were asked. That’s right, by journalists, to be used for themselves or the resources to shield.

The court, however, in June, and that this right is only partially true for the Bass in this case. One of the sources is in the name, and you want to read it to the court and to the parties. In addition, the content of the conversation between the Bass and the source of the parties is a well-known, because they have been monitored and are included in the case.

The court concluded, therefore, that the Bass in this case is not entitled to rely on the exemption. If he is looking for information from other sources, would be asked, should this be applicable.

The bass is required to give evidence in the case, vergismoord Zweekhorst

In the criminal case, in which the Bass has been called up to the murder of ggz manager Rob Zweekhorst. He was in the 2014 in Berkel en Rodenrijs shot and killed after the perpetrator has been given an enemy in the drugswereld. It was, therefore, assumed to be a so-called “vergismoord’.

As a result of the bugged conversations, the reporter, the lawyer of the accused is called upon to give evidence. The bass, however, is that the answer to the questions in a dangerous situation it would create for him, as well as its source.

In an initial response to the call of the editors-in-chief of NOS, the judgment of the court was an attack on the freedom of the press. Editor-in-chief Marcel Gelauff said he is aware of a serious fact, and in a major criminal case,” but argues that it is unlikely that a declaration of the Bas, and the assessment of the case would have an impact on.

The bass will remain stuck until it is decided whether or not its hostage-taking is lawful, it is. The court finds there, every Friday at 13: 30 on.

Hostage journalist, has happened before

The hostage, a journalist, is in a major way, and it is rather rare. So, Koen Voskuil, now a journalist, the AD, in the year 2000, eighteen days in custody, because he refused to take the name from a police source, to name a few.

The European Court of human Rights ruled in 2007 that the ministry, in the case of Voskuil illegally had done.

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