Dutch healthcare authority: health insurance must be waiting to tackle

Health insurers need to do more to their policyholders in time to provide the care that they need, turns out Thursday from research that the Dutch healthcare authority (NZa) to the Second Chamber has sent. When people have too long to wait for care, that their health.

The NZa has all the health insurance companies a letter with areas for improvement sent in the coming time needs to be worked on.

Even for the summer, inspectors re-insurers along. Then, if insufficient measures are taken, the authority alerts, so-called instructions, and the names of insurers who fail to disclose.

To the efforts of health insurers to map, brought in inspectors from the NZa in 2018 monitoring visits to all health insurers. It seems that in the mental health, especially people with autism and patients with personality disorders, a relatively long time to wait.

In the medical-specialist care appear to be the waiting times in ophthalmology for too long and in the hospital care is primarily the patience of people with stomach, intestine, liver, or eye diseases on the test.

Regional cooperation is, according to the authority, an important step, but not enough to be the waiting time to shorten. Health insurers are in the context of their duty of care responsible for timely and care for their insured.

Trade association: ‘Various causes for long waiting times’

In a first reaction says health Insurers the Netherlands, the waiting times “very undesirable” to find. “But thanks to zorgbemiddeling know the insurers in many cases, the waiting period of the insured persons to decrease by several weeks and sometimes even months. To long waiting times are a number of causes, such as labour market issues or a lack of current and reliable wachttijdinformatie.”

A year ago, urged the NZa the hospitals to do something about the waiting lists and patients are better informed about all options and their waiting time. Also had hospitals patients say that it is sometimes wise to switch to another healthcare provider that is faster good help you can offer.

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