Dutch freedom of the press is lowered to place four on the world rankings

The netherlands is a place dropped in the world ranking of countries with the most press freedom. After a third place on the year 2017, came to our country for 2018 from on place four. This is evident from the annual index of Reporters Without Borders.

In the description of the Netherlands is described how freedom of the press is still highly valued, but that there is more pressure by the rise of populist politics. Politicians would be the credibility of traditional media into question, and sometimes the press ban at the meetings. Reporters would online be threatened.

Reporters Without Borders calls in addition to the attacks on the offices of Panorama and The Telegraph. In 2018, those buildings attacked with respectively an anti-tankwapen and a burning van. Despite those actions remain in the Dutch media self-confident and independent, states Reporters Without Borders. Free of interference by government or other parties, in comparison with other countries.

The world ranking remains unchanged, led by Norway. Finland rose from a spot to four and is now in second place, Sweden comes daarachteraan. As the last, spot 180, ended up Turkmenistan. In that country there are strict censorship and the media completely controlled by the government. North Korea, Eritrea, and China are just above Turkmenistan.

The persvrijheidsindex of Reporters Without Borders are compiled using different criteria. Below is the representation of different opinions, the independence of media, technique and production of news, and violence against journalists.

The full persvrijheidsindex be found here.

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