Dutch experts to Africa for help after a devastating cyclone Idai

Three experts of the Dutch Red Cross in Africa, emergency relief after hurricane Idai a destructive trail left behind.

It comes to waterexpert Michel Becks, especially in Mozambique will be present, and two specialists who can help going to offer in the areas.

The commitment is part of a larger overall scheme of the international Red Cross, made a spokesman Monday known.

They take a wastewater treatment plant, a sanitary unit (a block with many hundreds of toilets) and two veldklinieken. All three of these facilities will be for a long time in Mozambique will be installed to provide aid.

Many tens of thousands of people can be helped

With the water treatment plant can clean water be manufactured for fifteen thousand people. Of the sanitary unit, twenty thousand people are using. The two veldhospitaals can provide assistance to such a quarter of a million people.

The Dutch Red Cross has giro 7244 opened to raise money for the affected African population. Except help with clean water, there is also an urgent need for food. A lot of people are by the floods cut off from regular supply routes and are therefore dependent on food drops by international rosters / deployment teams.

UN: This could be the worst natural disaster ever be

Hurricane Idai came ten days ago about Africa. The death toll now stands at 750, but it is feared that this will continue. A big problem where hundreds of thousands of people are facing is the lack of clean drinking water. Certainly 3,000 square km of land is under water.

The UN warned last week that Idai can turn out to be the largest natural disaster in the southern hemisphere caused by the weather. The houses of at least a half million people are fully or partly demolished; 110,000 residents are now accommodated in camps.


Aerial shots show a flooded city in Mozambique

American government has the soldiers sent

The Us government has decided to soldiers to Mozambique to send to help in the areas where the cyclone Idai, a humanitarian disaster has caused. The preparations are Monday began, said the commander of the in Africa stationed troops.

While the exact needs, in consultation with the Mozambican authorities have yet to be mapped, the equipment needed is ready. In the first place is that the helicopters and vessels. The Indian army was the first to respond to the emergency, with the deployment of three ships and several hundred men. South Africa is doing with several helicopters involved in the rescue operation.

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