Dutch, Dave Young, winning with duopartner two million at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, Fortnite

Dutch, Dave is Young, playing under the name of “Rojo”, is a Saturday in the second place, it ended up on the Fortnite World Cup in the U.s. city of New York. He formed a duo with the British singer Jaden Ashman (Wolfiez). Together, they received more than 2 million euros.

In let the Young know that it will be a little sooner than I expected, it is in the surrounding area. “My phone has blown up with comments. Everyone is blissfully happy.”

He was happy with the result, but it is also said to be fed up. “We have had two pots of been where we are with five points more, as if we have a five-to-ten-seconds-longer-in-life, were all that remained.”

The young want to invest in something for the long term

The duo has earned 47 points for the game’s publisher, Epic is the organized world of the game. That’s four points less than the winner of the tournament, played under the names of ‘Nyhrox” and “Aqua”. They went up by 2.7 million euros to the house.

It takes, according to Young, is still quite some time before he will have access to the money. “In the meantime, I would just figure out that I am the best for my money, you can invest in for the long haul.”

In the finals of the world championship will consist of two parts. Saturday, the names of fifty teams of two people compete against each other. On Sunday it was the turn of one hundred and solospelers.

“Not enough, computers are regulated by the promoter

The training for the tournament was made more difficult because there are not enough computers were controlled by a promoter of Epic Games. “The exercise was one of the most in the week of the event. I’m going to definitely be investing in a gaming laptop for upcoming events.”

There were three other people who were involved in the event. Dimitri van and de Vries, who, under the name of ‘mitrO’ and a duo was formed, with britain’s Kyle Jackson (‘Mongraal), it was on the sixth place. The two, together, can count on a budget of more than € 400,000.

The one and only duo that is completely in Dutch, was Those of of queen beatrix (‘Ema’), and Levi Edelijn (‘Lneuf’), did not penetrate into the eindfases of the day.

The total prize fund of eur 27 million

The total prize pool was on Saturday, 27 million euros. All of the participants were from the start assured of around € 45,000 euros in prize money. It looked at more than a million people at the tournament that was to be seen on the websites of Fortnite, Youtube, and Twitch.

The final consisted of six pots. In Fortnite will be a hundred players in a virtual Fortnite-the island is placed. While the playing field is shrinking, they have each other to turn off, until the last person is left.

‘Fortnite in 2018, good for a turnover of 2.2 bn’

Points can be used to get an opponent to turn it off and on by itself, do not be put off. The person who is the last person alive on the Fortnite island, will receive ten bonus points.

With 250 million registered accounts in the game for two years, and has grown to become one of the most popular games in the world. According to market researcher Nielsen, Superdata it was Fortnite in 2018, with an annual turnover of about € 2.2 billion.

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