‘Dutch cybermilitairen will soon be part of every foreign mission’

‘Dutch cybermilitairen will soon be part of every foreign mission’

The Defence Cyber Command (DCC) of the Dutch military, our country not only protect against cyber attacks, but will also be deployed in military missions abroad.

That says the commander of the DCC, general Hans Folmer, in a Saturday published interview with Trouw.

There are some eighty soldiers and civilians in training for the 2014 established Defence Cyber Command (DCC) of the Dutch army. The unit is not yet operational, but should in the future help the country defend its rights in a large-scale cyber attack.

In addition, says Folmer to expect his unit to be part of any military mission abroad. In addition to defenses to develop the DCC also own digital assault weapons, such as viruses and other malware that can be deployed to the troops on the spot to support. Usually from behind a desk in the Netherlands happen.

Serious disturbance

“In the Netherlands is the policy that organisations, in principle, responsible for their digital protection,” says Folmer. “But there may be situations where we provide support. That will focus on attacks in the cyber-domain that is physical damage, casualties or a serious disruption of society.”

That applies, for example, the disabling of a transport or electricity network.

In military operations abroad, can the DCC be used as a digital fighting unit. Folgers: “We can military coverage or the internet to disrupt in areas where a Dutch patrol is active. We can be a bridge hack so that we can open if the enemy wants to advance, instead of that of our colleagues, him bombard.”

The law of war

Just as the regular armed forces is the new cybereenheid bound by the law of war. There may, for example, is not just important burgersystemen be shut down. “The set-up of an attack looks, a lawyer, and in retrospect, we submit reports on our commitment,” said Folmer.

According to the commander of the Netherlands is so far hesitant to digitally hit back at attacks from abroad. For example, In the United Kingdom is the earlier, returning to a deterrent effect to bring about now a key priority in the digital strategy. Folmer leave it to the Dutch politics to decide whether there is in our country also has to change.

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