Dutch companies are involved in violations of human rights of Angola’

Dredging contractor, Van Oord, Bank and credit insurer Atradius have been involved in a project, in which thousands of families in Angola from their homes, were driven out, and will report True.

Certainly, three of the families were by force driven from their homes due to urban development in the Angolan capital of Luanda. The case came to light after a court in Angola in the last month, seized on the possessions of Isabel dos Santos. She was the daughter of the former president of Angola, and has for many years been accused of corruption in the country.

The response worked to the dredging contractor, Van Oord, along with Dos Santos. ING to borrow $ 400 million (about eur 360 million) to the Angolan government for the project, and of Atradius, based on the insured person’s amount of money.

Faith was given access to the records of Dos Santos, which has fallen into the hands of the international journalistenconsortium ICIJ. Isabel dos Santos, also known as ” the richest woman in Africa, her ability to have earned it through their political connections, and the exploitation of the Angolan population.

It is allowed to inspect her records, it was Sunday 37 the global media has shared it under the name of Luanda Leaks. It’s going to be about more than 715.000 e-mails, contracts, tax returns, and reports, from which it appears that millions and millions have been hidden. Dos Santos is denying the corruption in the country.

The Families that were abused

The local interviews conducted by Fidelity shows that the people by force from their homes and were driven out. The army and the police used the tear gas and the heetwaterkanonnen. The Angolan state has never for new homes, so many families have been left homeless.

The Experts tell us on Faith, that the Dutch participants, the lack of research done into the circumstances of the execution of the project. In response to the newspaper, say, Of a Place, and ING, and that they are going to push for compensation for the displaced residents.

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