Dutch brothers to get a bit more than 5 years in prison for assaulting a waiter, Prague

The Dutch brothers, Armin N., and Arash N. on Tuesday in the appeal of convicted and sentenced for assaulting a waiter in Prague, Czech republic. They are set up by the Czech court acquitted the accused of attempt to murder, and giving them prison sentences of 5 to 5.5 years, reports The Telegraph.

The business suffered a brain hemorrhage, a broken jaw, a fractured eye socket and a broken ankle on the.

During the hearing, it appeared that the experts were in disagreement about the way in which the business of its stroke is reached, that is, whether this is due to the fold or fall of it came out.

By doing this, the court has insufficient evidence to prove the brothers ‘ sentencing for attempted murder. It has to be re-mixer-N., and Arash N., with a request to have their sentence in the Netherlands. The sentence will remain the same.

of the compensation has already been paid

The fight took place in april of last year. The brothers have stated that the argument may be created by they themselves brought to the drink, enough, on the terrace of the restaurant, where the misliep.

Click the images to see how the brothers are steps, and the crushing blows to the child’s best interests. They both have the regret expressed, and a part of the compensation paid to the victim.


The Dutch store, a waiter in Prague


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