Dutch brothers: ‘restaurant Manager Prague started with push

The two Dutch brothers who are in the Czech republic, accused of attempting to murder a waiter, set Monday that they not were those who had the brawl at the restaurant started.

The brothers argue before the court in Prague that the manager of the eatery was started by pushing, it appears from messages of The Telegraph and the AD.

In april last year, were the Dutch involved in the brawl. Monday, they assert that this is possible was because they themselves drink had brought to the restaurant.

Here would be a discussion about its existence, which eventually resulted in a fight. The brothers Armin N. and Arash N. set the manager for the first push gave them and that there is then a chaotic fight started between the men and the employees of the restaurant.

The waiter to whom the case is running (the man in the photo), has a brain hemorrhage, a broken jaw, a broken eye socket and a shattered ankle suffered. To movies is to see how the brothers hefty kicks butt.

Both brothers have Monday, their regret expressed. They said even in custody, to want to stay, if that would help to resolve the case faster to complete. Also have to let them know the waiter financially want to support.


The Dutch store a waiter in Prague

Waiter wants hefty compensation

The brothers were part of a larger group that was on vacation. Three others have suspended sentences. Two men went unpunished, because they the quantity wanted to appease.

The waiter has a compensation of 100,000 euro is required. Initially it was intended that the case for the next three days would be treated. But because there’s a medical report about the injuries of the waiter to appear, the hearing will be Wednesday, probably be repealed, and a month delayed.

The judge has let them know that the report for 30 april.

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