During the winter, about half the cases of flu than the year before

About 400,000 people during the winter, the flu had by all. That is, more than half of that in the winter, says the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

During the severe flu epidemic of 2017-2018 were estimated to be about 900,000 people, have been infected with the new influenza, and other viruses that fever to create.

The figures are set out in the annual report on infectious diseases. Therein, senses in the ENVIRONMENT that impetigo were common, as a dermatitis especially in young children, are susceptible to it.

May be related to that, it was in the summer, with a peak in the number of patients who were affected by the kraamvrouwenkoorts. In absolute terms, are small numbers of the total received in July and August, the 27 women out of a disease that can be caused by any of the bacteria, which is also impetigo, and strep throat, can cause.


These tips will help you avoid the flu

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