Dumoulin is breaking their training camp in Tenerife wondering

Throughout the world are becoming more and more sporting events are cancelled, postponed, or finished without the public, because of the corona virus. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the latest developments.These are the most important sporting events, where a line is to be taken due to the corona virus.Corona virus·, 10 minutes agoin the Bundesliga this week-end, and then stop until the 2nd of april
The team and the Club are going on this weekend, but on Tuesday, the German league on hold until the 2nd of april, as the national football association know about it. It was already known that the matches of this weekend, the people that played with me. “It’s still in the league, for the summer to finish it,” said the champion. “We are working closely with the Ministry of Health and local health: the well-being of the population as a whole, and, therefore, also for the soccer fans is our top priority.”Corona virus · 12 hours ago thereare Also players, and Everton are in quarantine
After making the selections in the first half and Chelsea earlier, Manchester City and Leicester City, the players of Everton for the time being in quarantine due to the corona virus. The club has let us know that the selection is on the basis of medical advice, for a certain period of time in the thuisisolatie should be. “We are taking this action because of a member of the first team of the symptoms of the corona virus will be screened.”

🔵 | Club, In A Statement.

AvatarAuteurEvertonMoment of plaatsen10:25 – march 13, 2020Coronavirus · 21 minutes agoin Bahrain, McLaren will not start in Paris-Nice
The team in Bahrain, McLaren will become the start of Paris-Nice. The Bahraini formation, don’t want to drive it because of the corona virus. The French stage race, is one of the few sporting events that can still be finished, it will go at 12: 15 pm continue to the sixth stage.

🇫🇷 #ParisNice
The Team in Bahrain, McLaren has, with regret, today withdrawn from @ParisNice.
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AvatarAuteurTeam please note that the McLarenMoment of plaatsen10:21 am – march 13, 2020Coronavirus · 23 minutes ago,The grand prix of Bahrain is scheduled for the following weekend, appearing to be finished, but the Concept of teams seem to be right now popular to the world and to travel. “There will be discussions about the postponement of the start of the season,” said Horner. “The Formula 1 will be there from all sides to look at and has more info than I do, but the delay seems to be inevitable.” (2/2)corona virus · 28 minutes agoIt called it “inevitable,” the fact that the GP of Bahrain has been cancelled
After the cancellation of the Grand Prix of Australia, it is not clear when the new Formula 1 season begins. The Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner is expected that the race will be in Bahrain next week, Sunday has been cancelled. “It is quite unavoidable that, in the grand prix of Bahrain will also be cancelled,” says Horner at “It has yet to be confirmed, but it seems to be difficult for teams to travel to the united kingdom.” (1 and 2)corona virus · is a 43-minute geledenDe of the Grand Prix of Australia, is the Thursday night shows will still be suspended. The authorities in Melbourne, and found it to be irresponsible to get to the end of the Formula 1 season to go. The news was received with a booing.VideoFormule 1-the fans can be heard after the cancellation of GP AustraliëCoronavirus-four hours ago, theTour of Flanders is on the rocks
Ben Weyts, Flemish minister for Sport, it is not the Tour of Flanders on april 5 will be held. So far, all the sport events in Belgium, up to and including april 3, was cancelled, but the Flemish wielerklassieker seems to be dying due to the feline corona virus. “I can see that it does not work out, the risk seems to me to be small enough that it could go on. I think that the organizer Flanders Classics, as quickly as possible, you need to clarify, and that’s what we want them to be as soon as possible, to provide,” said Weyts.Corona virus-four hours ago,Dumoulin will leave their training camp in Tenerife
Jumbo-Visma-riders Tom Dumoulin and Tobias Foss to leave Tenerife, and went back to the Netherlands. The two riders from the Dutch team to break up their camp because of the corona virus, as the Jumbo-Visma to know.Corona virus · one-hour geledenCallum, Hudson-Odoi, the Chelsea player, who is infected with the corona virus, has let us know that all is well with him. The attacker can isolate themselves for a week for the first time.”Video

Thank you for all your good wishes, as I said in the video, I’m feeling good and hope to see you all soon!!!🙏🏾❤️

AvatarAuteurcalteck10Moment of plaatsen09:00 pm – march 13, 2020Coronavirus-four hours ago, theFormula E season, a two-month shut-down
The Formula E season is due to the corona virus, for a two-month shut-down. The races were held in Rome, Paris, Seoul, and Jakarta, that is why they are not on. Nyck de Vries and Robin Frijns are the people who are actively involved in Formula E.

BREAKING: @FIAFormulaE announces the temporary suspension of #FIAFormulaE season six.
Read the full statement on our web site.

AvatarAuteurEnvision the Virgin Racing Formula EMoment of plaatsen09:12 – 13 march 2020Coronavirus · a 2-hour geledenOok all rugbycompetities in France, you have to believe it will be won’t be played due to the corona virus.

La is OUTPUT to suspend the l’ensemble de ses compétitions

AvatarAuteurBernard LaporteMoment of plaatsen08:44 pm – march 13, 2020Coronavirus · 2 hours agoTurnploeg to leave Baku, zonderland will continue
The Dutch turnploeg to leave immediately, Baku, and heads back to the house, because of the corona virus. The athletes are not in action at the world cup in Brazil. Epke zonderland will remain in Baku, azerbaijan, as he should be, for the sake of completeness have to act in order to qualify for the Olympic Games. That’s a ticket to the olympic champion of 2012 is already within you.Corona virus · 2 hours ago –Formula 1’s managing director, Ross Brawn kept up to the last moment in the hope that the Grand Prix could take place. “We wanted to have a little bit of lighting during the difficult times. When it became apparent that a team was not able to race due to the corona virus, we knew that there was a problem.” Due to the cancellation of the Grand Prix of Australia Grand Prix of Malaysia on the 22nd of march for the first race on the calendar, but the race is not public, is completed.Corona virus · 2 hours ago andIt is still questionable what is going on with the Premier League season is going to be done. Yesterday it was announced that all the matches in England to be completed, but only after The coach, Mikel Arteta is positive, it is tested for the corona virus, it was decided that the overall organization of the competition for this morning, with urgent consultations on the follow-up to the Premier League. It is, of course, in the limelight corona virus · 2 hours agoHamilton: “This is the right decision”
Well, Lewis Hamilton is fully committed to the choice of the grand prix in Australia, will be cancelled. “This is not the right way to proceed. No one wants to do this, everyone just wants to race, but we have to be realistic, and the overall health in the first place. It is a very serious matter, and that’s the reality of it. We’ll need to take any action that is necessary to get as many people as I can to help,” said the Briton on Twitter.Corona virus · 3 hours ago thePGA Tour was forced to lay off all of the golf tournaments, to april 2,
The PGA Tour has been decided that for all tournaments up to april 2, to be able to cancel it. The Players Championship in Florida, which began two days ago is still on your computer. The next tournament on the calendar, it is now the Valero Texas Open on the 2nd of april. A week later, in london, The master’s program, the first major of the year. The Players Championship is not officially a major, but the big prize is regarded as one of the most prestigious tournaments in the golfkalender.Corona virus · 3-hour geledenMax Stumbling frustrated, of course, the cancellation of the first grand prix of the season, but the Dutchman has a full understanding for the decision.

We were all looking forward to the start of the 2020 season. Of course I’m disappointed, but we all understand that in the end this was the right decision. Feeling sorry for all the fans and everyone involved. Stay safe 🙏🏼 #AusGP

AvatarAuteurmaxverstappen1Moment of plaatsen07:48 pm – march 13, 2020Coronavirus · 3-minute walk fromThe sport on Friday, 13 march 2020, it will look a little different than we are, a month ago, it had in mind. A summary of what has been abandoned:


  • ADO-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands (Eredivisie)
  • Eight matches from the Kitchen to the Champion Division
  • GP, Australia’s First and second practice session)
  • Real Madrid Vs Eibar (La Liga)
  • Hellas Verona-Napoli (Serie A)
  • Bologna-Juventus (Serie A)

In addition to the required tournaments, and cycling races were cancelled that are already on the road would be like in the world cup short track, and the Tirreno-Adriatico, and the world cup indooratletiek, and some of the tennis tournaments such as Indian Wells.

What is going through:

  • The sixth stage of Paris-Nice
  • Olympique Lyon-Stade Reims (Ligue 1)
  • Fortuna Düsseldorf-Paderborn (Bundesliga)

Corona virus · 3 hours ago”Since I have been diagnosed with the corona virus, there are a lot of emotions through my mind, in particular fear and shame,” writes the Frenchman, Gobert on Instagram. “First of all, I would like to publicly apologize because I may have other people are in danger and have to be charged. At that time, I had no idea that I was infected.” (2/2)

I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of concern and support over the last 24 hours. I have gone through so many emotions since learning of my diagnosis…mostly from fear, anxiety, and embarrassment.
The first and most important thing I would like to publicly apologize to the people that I may have endangered. At the time, I had no idea I was infected. I was careless, and make no excuse. I hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously. “I will do whatever I can to support using my experience as way to educate others and prevent the spread of this virus .
I am under great care and will fully recover. Thank you again for all your support. I encourage everyone to take all of the steps to stay safe and healthy. Love.

AvatarAuteurrudygobert27Moment of plaatsen21:03 – the 12th of march 2020Coronavirus · 3 hours ago there isInfected BLOOD, the star, Gobert is offering excuses for the spot with the feline corona virus
NBA star Rudy Gobert gives his apologies for the manner in which he has recently been in the spotlight his way with the corona virus. The basketball player from the Utah Jazz, and is now herself infected. Gobert that gave birth to the beginning of the week, look at the end of a press conference with all the microphones and the recording devices of journalists to reach out and touch that he showed in the wake of the COVID-19-the virus does not appear to be determined to take seriously. (1 and 2)corona virus · 3 hours ago,back to last night and also tonight: the Grand Prix of Australia, you are going to this weekend, not. All it took a very long time, but in the end decided not to race due to the corona virus. Several teams have found that not sitting down, and McLaren, decided earlier in the day, because of the contamination, the team is already in action.Corona virus · 3 hours ago“All of the people that were with him, and have been working on over the last few days, in thuisisolatie,” he writes from Chelsea, in a statement. “This is true for the selection of the coaching staff. The people who are not in close contact with him have been, and will in the coming days to return to work again.” Due to the contamination of Arteta and Hudson-Odoi, there are now four people in one of the major European leagues, which are positive for the test. In Italy, appeared to The defenders Daniele Rugani and Sampdoria-striker Manolo Gabbiadini is infected. (2/2)corona virus · 4 hours ago there areis Also The talent of the Hudson-Odoi has the corona virus
In addition to the Arsenal manager with Mikel Arteta, is also The attacker, Callum Hudson-Odoi tested positive for the corona virus. All of the players and staff of the two English clubs have been placed in quarantine. Hudson-Odoi was Monday morning, the symptoms that could indicate the COVID-a 19-a virus, and had, since then, as a precaution, and no longer on the training ground to see it. Yesterday it became known that he was infected. (1 and 2)corona virus · 11 hours ago thegrand prix of Australia is finally cancelled.
The word is out: the Grand Prix of Australia was finally abandoned. The Formula 1 and the FIA in a joint statement, namely, that all of the activities that have to do with Formula 1, this weekend will not take place as well. Several teams and drivers had already made known that they would like to see to it that the race would be postponed.Corona virus · 11 hours ago

Formula 1 and the FIA, with the full support of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC), have taken the decision that all Formula 1 activity, for the Australian Grand Prix has been cancelled

AvatarAuteurFormula 1Moment of plaatsen00:08 pm – 13 march, 2020Coronavirus · 11 hours ago

Jos Verstappen has just been spoken. Deal now things, and to go as fast as possible back to the Netherlands. It has been done. 😢@Olav_Mol

AvatarAuteurJack PlooijMoment of plaatsen00:04 pm – 13 march, 2020Coronavirus · 11 hours ago,, FIFA puts world cup kwalificatieduels South America
The qualifiers for the world cup of 2022 which is the final week in march has been played in South America, it will be delayed. That is, the FIFA, in a letter to CONMEBOL, the South American football federation. The wereldvoetbalbond will work with CONMEBOL to the new dates of the matches. A lot of players from Latin American countries earn their living in Europe, and FIFA is eager to make sure that they don’t come back home due to travel restrictions.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:47Ook of the journalists present in rome to know it.

If you are confused about the state of the Australian F1 GP, join the club, 🤔

AvatarAuteurMartin BrundleMoment of plaatsen23:31 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday, at 23:43 inthe Premier League to convene urgent consultations
Earlier today suggested that the Premier League is that all matches this weekend will just be able to be in the game, but the spread of their manager, Mikel Arteta, and the subsequent quarantine of the selection, and the staff of the North’, has had a change made. The association is pleased to announce that there will be a urgent consultations will take place. It is very likely that there will have to be decided in the championship in England this weekend will be cancelled.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:24The coach is Arteta tested positive for corona virus
While the Premier League has stipulated that the first round has been cancelled, it is The manager’s Mikel Arteta tested positive for the corona virus. All of the players and members of staff who have recently been in contact with the Spanish in the application. Arsenal will play on Saturday against Brighton & Hove Albion, but it is still unknown as to whether the match goes ahead.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:18, Also the French league is tentatively silently
In France, it won’t be played in the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. The French football federation stipulates that, in all games until further notice, and may be delayed. In the first instance, it was determined that there were behind-closed-doors is played, and that’s where the French federation, and so on.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:12, Formula 1 fans will be held back in Melbourne, australia. Frustration was running high, because of the lack of clarity being provided by the organization.

Lots of disgruntled fans at the gates of the Melbourne GP. No news, no explanations, nothing

AvatarAuteurMatt DickinsonMoment of plaatsen23:10 – 12 march 2020Coronavirus · yesterday, at 23:09 pmAll of the sports events in Belgium, up to and including the 3rd of april is cancelled
In Belgium, too, all sporting events are cancelled. This means that there won’t be football in the Belgian Jupiler Pro League as well as the cycle races Nokere Curonian (march 18), Bredene, Koksijde at the belgian coast Classic (march 20), Three days in Bruges-la Panne (march 25,), E3) Ibm Classic (march 27), Gent-Wevelgem (march 29), and Dwars door Vlaanderen (april 1) will not proceed. The Tour of Flanders on april 5 will still be due.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:09NU.en- – – – – reporter: Joost Nederpelt has a presence in Australia, but there is a great lack of clarity about what is going to happen around the opening of the new Formula 1 season. Still, there is no official statement on Friday.

Three hours of sleep, and in the F1-shitshow in Melbourne are still up and running. Huge lack of clarity, the teams are divided, some of the riders are already on their way to the house (?). The total chaos. #F1 #AusGP

AvatarAuteurJoost NederpeltMoment of plaatsen23:06 am – 12 march, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday, at 23:02Thomas The Company is calling on everyone to get to enjoy at Paris-Nice, as it will be the last race that will take place.

@ParisNice will be the last race you’ll see in a while. We are the last man standing. Enjoy it while you can.

AvatarAuteurThomas The GendtMoment of plaatsen22:20 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 22:10, City defender Mendy, preventive, quarantine
Benjamin Mendy has established itself as a preventive, in the quarantine. In a family full of Manchester City, has been admitted to the hospital with symptoms of the virus, and then Mendy yourself with the safety measure you specified. The Frenchman, who was training today with his team-mate. The City has not yet announced whether there will be multiple players have been in contact with the virus, or that any other action be taken.Corona virus · yesterday at 21:51, Still no official decision about a GP in Australia
However, in line with the expectation that the grand prix of Australia to be cancelled because of the corona virus, it is still not officially decided. Various media are reporting that it will happen, but the FIA and the teams are still talking to each other in order to reach an agreement, to come. In the first practice session is in a little over four hours scheduled for that period of time, there must be a decision to be taken.Corona virus · yesterday at 21:29for Van der Sar: ‘Have rallied to put’
Edwin van der Sar has to understand that there are people in the rest of the month we play football in the Premier league and the Kitchen is the Champion of a Division. “We are in this together and our shoulder under it to try it out as much as possible, be kept to a minimum. And this is coming from the medical field, so we have to follow the guidelines of the GOVERNMENT, and the government will follow,” said Van der Sar on the web site of the Year.Corona virus · yesterday at 21:15121 people in The quarantine
121 people have when They are in voluntary quarantine and gone as a result of the positive test result of defender Daniele Rugani on the corona virus. It’s going to be the players, staff, board members and staff. The competition, which This Is active, likes to say, except the president, Andrea Agnelli, not those who just have to have separated themselves from the outside world.Corona virus · yesterday at 20:08 theRiders of middle east may finally get to go home
The good news for the riders and members of staff of the UAE-based Emirates: the non-infected members of the team may finally be in the United Arab Emirates and left. The third phase concludes, the World of formation, that is the sound of the riders and the staff at the house.Corona virus · yesterday at 19:49Team, Van der Poel breaks the oefenstage in Spain
Alpecin-Phoenix, the team of Mathieu van der Poel, it breaks down immediately to the oefenstage in Spain’s Benicasim has declined as a result of the corona virus. Van der Poel and his team-mate would be on Saturday in Spain, but in return now, at the latest tomorrow morning, is already back. All participants will return to their country of origin, as well as Italian riders, Sacha Modolo, and Kristian Sbaragli. Alpecin-Phoenix wants to prevent the riders and their land is no longer inkunnen because of possible lockdowns.Corona virus·, yesterday, 18:51 byList: These are sporting events in the country, not doorCoronavirus · yesterday at 18:32the Irish league is shut down
In the United Kingdom, the decision must still be taken, but the Irish football association, explains that the Premier Division is still. Also, all of the lower levels, at least until the 29th of march no longer play football. For now, we can we not marvel at Shamrock Rovers-Finn Harps or Cork City-Bohemians.Corona virus · yesterday at 18:24world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor in China for the year deferred
The world indooratletiek has been postponed for a year. We’re playing in the Chinese people’s square, this would be the year from the 13th to the 15th of march, but due to the corona virus is moved to the 19th to 21st of march 2021.Corona virus · yesterday at 18:19Uk government will consider all of the sporting events will be cancelled
Following In the footsteps of a number of European countries are now considering the Uk government is to have all of the sporting events in the Uk will be cancelled. According to the BBC, there is today an urgent consultations by the Uk government, although it is unlikely that the measure could be a direct effect. I, among others, the sixth matchday of the Premier League Darts in Liverpool on the program, although this was still just being played in the Premier League.Corona virus · yesterday at 18:14european CHAMPIONSHIPS for judo, is postponed to mid-June
The european CHAMPIONSHIP in judo in Prague, has been moved to the 19th to the 21st of June. The tournament is at the beginning of the month of may, the European judobond decides to use the event to set up, due to the corona virus. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, the athletes are still the important points for the olympic ranking.Corona virus · yesterday at 17:59 onOCT. water polo is postponed, JUN swim is cancelled
It’s an olympic qualifier (MAR) for water polo has been moved to 31 may to 7 June. The tournament would be from the 22nd to the 29th of march in Rotterdam and will be held, but it may be due to the corona virus do not go on. The OCT swim from 9 to 12 april in Eindhoven, going all the way through.Corona virus · yesterday at 17:35, EC-kwalificatieduel handbalsters be deleted
The EUROPEAN kwalificatieduel of the Dutch handbalsters to Spain has been cancelled due to the corona virus. That game was the 27th of march at the programme Table.Back to top

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