Drunk people underestimate condition by area

Drunk people underestimate condition by area

People base their judgment on how intoxicated they are how drunk people in their environment and not so much on how much glass they have. Therefore underestimate people often, how drunk they are.

The university of Cardiff examined 1.862 people who are on various Fridays and Saturdays in a café were drinking. The participants was a breathalyzer done and a part of the group of four hundred people, answered questions on how drunk she positions himself was at that time.

The participants underestimated almost every time how donken they were. Most people thought of themselves as moderately drunk, and with moderate risk, even if they too had to be allowed to ride. Men had on average a higher percentage of alcohol in their blood than women.

“Regardless of how much someone drinks, if they see others who are more wounded than they themselves, they have less problems with it in order to drink more,” says researcher Simon Moore.


The insight that people compare itself with others, to see the researchers as a possibility for a strategy to excessive alcohol abuse.

Moore: “there can be looked at or the number of very drunk people in a bar can be reduced, or the number of sober people can increase. Probably has the most effect, because people seem to be influenced by sober people, than by the other under the influence of peers.”

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