Drugs often are not available, Is to be found?

More and more, medications will not be available. Over the past few years, the number of shortages has greatly increased. By 2018, this was a 769 times in the case, and apothekersorganisatie KNMP is expected that the geneesmiddelentekort this year and continues to rise. How does it work? And it has to be done to avoid it?

A well-known recent case is that of a geneesmiddelentekort took place in the fall of 2018, when the birth-control pills suddenly no longer available. After three months, was for the supply of water.

At present, a group of more than 70,000 patients are concerned. For all their problems swallow them, bumetanide, but according to the EenVandaag has been in the drug and nearly impossible to obtain.

Since 2013, there is an increasing beschikbaarheidsproblemen with other drugs, according to the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Over the past five years, an increase in the number of (temporary) non-availability of medicines, from 426 in 2013 to 769 in 2018.

The causes can vary widely, ” explains Dennis Mulkens, the president of the apothekersorganisatie KNMP), however. “Of a step of the production process, a grondstofprobleem.” If the manufacturer stops producing it. “A shortage can be temporary or on a permanent basis.”

A shortage when the medication is 14 days, out of stock

At the site of the Farmanco look by the KNMP’s tracked list, a list of medications lack of them). For some drugs, the message is that there is an alternative remedy available, the other is that the situation is now resolved.

The KNMP is speaking of the deficit, as a drug country for a period of fourteen days, in stock. The reports about shortages of pharmacists. Then, it is for the manufacturer to see whether there is actually a shortage.

Another cause of the shortage and the rising prices. The insurance companies have a preferentiebeleid. This will make sure that the prices are low, which means that manufacturers and pharmacists, are hardly making a profit.

The Law geneesmiddelenprijzen also writes for a maximum price of medicinal products for. The law should be designed to increase competition, and cut back on costs, but there is also a stockpile is not favorable for the candidate.

Last year, it was the birth control pills for months is poor or not available. (Photo: Getty)

However, there is not always an alternative

Patients sometimes have to switch to an alternative if their drug is not available. The alternative is that there is often, but not always. There are no numbers known of how many times an alternative product with success, may be offered to you.

Pharmacists in the Netherlands, in the case of a solution looking for a patient, according to KNMP-spokesman said Mulkens. “The pharmacist will need to look for an alternative in which the patient is involved is helped.”

However, there may also be hooks and eyes attached. So for some patients to get used to a new drug that, in some conditions this will take longer than others. There may also be additional costs to the patient.

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When the schildkliermedicijn thyrax in 2016, and suddenly it was no longer available, they had over 350,000 people are on the search for an alternative.

This event is made to ensure that the Group Geneesmiddelentekorten is there. They will investigate which measures of this kind of problems. For example, the creation of larger stocks as a possible solution, which will be taken into consideration.

But it also brings a dilemma with it. Increase in the supply of medicines for patients with serious illnesses, or do you put the focus on the common means. On this dilemma, and it will bend the working group.

Patentenfederatie want to medicijnvoorraad 4 months

Mulkens, emphasizes that the number of deficits increases, but in some cases it is adventitious. “That lack of birth control pills, that’s what happened the last time some thirty years ago, and no one saw it coming.”

Patiëntenfederatie of the Netherlands, representing more than two hundred, patients ‘ associations, agreed that there may be patients with a better explanation as to the unavailability of a cure.

The Patiëntenfederatie wants to be with a rod of iron medicijnvoorraad of four months. This allows problems to be better captured, and must be in confusion is to be avoided.

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