Drug lord ‘El Chapo’ sentenced to life in prison

The infamous drug lord ‘El Chapo’ was on Wednesday convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The Mexican, whose real name is Joaquín Guzmán Loera, is, and was, in February, been found guilty of, inter alia, drug trafficking, leadership of a criminal organization, and a multiple murder.

The plaintiffs had a life-long prison sentence is required and, in addition, for thirty years therefore. The district court did Guzmán, also, that thirty years of imprisonment were imposed.

To the right is ‘El Chapo’ in addition to a fine, converted to 10.7 billion euros to be imposed. That is, the total value of all the drugs that he sold.

The 62-year-old Guzmán has led, for decades, the Mexican Sinaloa cartel, including cocaine, heroin and other drugs into the United States smuggling. The cartel was for many years known as the biggest and the gewelddadigste drugsorganisatie.

Guzmán amplified in power by murder

The court considers it proven that the Guzmán is his power as a cartel leader, reinforced by dozens of murders, and wars with rival cartels. The man explained during the trial, his innocence. According to his lawyers, it was Guzmán as a scapegoat in the fall, descend.

“El Chapo,” which, in Mexico, “the brief” means in his native country, is known as a kind of Robin Hood, who, with the corrupt government on several occasions to outwit them was.

Guzmán was, in the nineteen-eighties named as a drug smuggler through tunnels dug near the border with the United States of america. In the years that followed, he managed, in the drugswereld to work our way up.

With the release of El Chapo

Guzmán escaped twice from the prison,

The drug lord escaped from the camp in the past, out of two maximum security prisons in Mexico. In 2001, he managed, with the help of a corrupt gevangenismedewerkers in a basket of dirty laundry in the building, to the left. Fourteen years later, he escaped via a 1.5-kilometer-long tunnel.

Guzmán was in 2016 and handed over to the United States after he was previously in his home country, was detained. Before that he was twice previously arrested. Both times, he managed to escape.

Guzmán is now in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York city, where he was in solitary confinement there. He had been asked to sporttijd on the roof of the prison, but the judge last month to not accept them.

At its meeting on Wednesday, said Guzmán is that he, while he was in prison in the United States of america by the authorities as “cruel and inhumane” is to be treated. He is taken to his own words, ” a 24-hour-a-day “physical, mental and emotional torture”.

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