Dronemaker Lily Robotics sued for misleading videos

Dronemaker Lily Robotics sued for misleading videos

Photo: Lily

The bankrupt dronemaker Lily Robotics has been sued due to alleged deception. Lily has in the promotion of a drone video shown by the Lily-drone would have been made, but according to prosecutors, the images are recorded with an expensive DJI drone and a GoPro camera.

The drone that the images are probably shot and is up to four times more expensive than the Lily-drone. Also would be an experienced filmmaker involved in the making of the images, in the opinion of the public prosecutor of San Francisco.

The Lily-drone is presented as the first ‘selfie drone’ in the world and would be between 499 and 899 dollar cost. The device would be waterproof, on uneven ground countries, and with an ‘autopilot’ people can follow.

Lily Robotis has announced to stop with the drone project, because there is not enough money would be retrieved to the device to produce. In total there is 34 million dollars (32 million euros) collected with kickstarter. Donors get their money refunded.


The indictment against Lily, is a day after the announcement of the bankruptcy filed by the public prosecutor’s office in San Francisco (SFDA), writes The Guardian Monday.

In the rechtbankdocumenten reference is made to a video in which extreme sports are recorded. Indicated was that the images with a Lily were made. According to the prosecutor, the images made with a DJI Inspire, a non-autonomous professional cameradrone.


Other movies would have been made with a GoPro camera on a prototype of the Lily-drone was mounted. There are people misled, claims to be the prosecutor on the basis of e-mails from the company.

The SFDA requires that the dronemaker $ 2,500 penalty to pay at a time that there was deception. This depends on the company a total fine of $ 300 million above the head.

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