Droneaanvallen in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia: and this has been going on

Since it is in the night from Friday to Saturday, an oil system and an oil field in Saudi Arabia went up in flames the rain is falling, the responses of the parties and international politicians that are intended to the offender to point out. Five questions and answers about this attack, and the possible consequences of this.
1. What exactly is going on?

In the night from Friday to Saturday, a Saudi arabian oil refinery and an oil field on fire as well. It was going to be a plant in the town of Abqaiq, near the shore, and an oil field in Khurais, about 200 km further inland.

The fires did not remain without consequences: the Saudi staatsoliebedrijf, Saudi Aramco Saturday, after the attack, the production of oil cut in half, and let the organization know about it. Thus, the production is reduced by about 5.7 million barrels per day.

2. Anyone who has the attack claim?

The leadership of the Houthi rebels in Yemen are reported, the fires have caused it to be out by ten aanvalsdrones in the direction of the pressing mills have to send it in. The Houthi’s doing it in his own words, because the Saudi’s are involved in the civil war for the rebels for the past four years in Mexico. Saudi Arabia leads a coalition of nations, that the Yemeni government has to support it.

During the war, fell in all of the tens of thousands of civilian casualties, and more than 24 million people dependent on emergency aid, often in the form of food. Moreover, it remained for the Saturday, not on the due date of the attack: the rebels have threatened new attacks on the United arab Emirates.


Why is the war in Yemen for the past four years

3. However, not everyone believes that the Houthi’s are actually behind it?

No, no. Even though the Houthi’s, however, more droneaanvallen run, the Us secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, on Twitter, that there is no evidence to support it.

He pointed to Iran: “Of all the calls for de-escalation on Iran is an unprecedented attack on the energy supply of the world has been launched.” He also writes that “Tehran is behind the nearly one hundred attacks on Saudi Arabia, which president Rouhani and minister Zarif pretending to be a diplomatic business”.

He reports, however, is not what the evidence he has, that Iran is the guilty party, it would have been. Iran rejects the allegations out of hand. “Such an idle and blind accusations are unintelligible and meaningless,” according to the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We call on all nations to publicly and unequivocally condemn Iran’s attacks. The United States will work with our partners and allies to ensure that energy markets remain well supplied, and Iran, is a hero and accountable for its aggression

AvatarAuteurSecPompeoMoment of plaatsen19:59 on the 14th of september 2019

4. Are there any other countries or parties have been accused of?

Yes, Iraq is being referred to. The saudi and Us government employees are currently investigating the possibility that the attack was coming from that country should be carried out, reports The Wall Street Journal, on the basis of the lay public.

It was going to be a droneaanval, not only is it reported to you by the Houthi rebels, but later confirmed by the Saudi arabian ministry of the Interior. Despite this presumption, government employees of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the united states for the attack of cruise missiles from Iraq were used.

Iraq is denying this, however. Baghdad would be “resolute” action if anyone tried to stop the Iraqi territory to be used for the other countries, said prime minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi on Sunday, according to news agency AP.


The oil installation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia goes up in flames

5. What are the effects of the fire on the oil supply?

The International energy agency (IEA) announced that it will consult with the major oil-producing and consumer countries, but the fact that the international oil market was still “plenty of major commercial stocks. Of the 5.7 million barrels, of which Saudi Aramco is currently unable to produce accounts for about 5 percent of the world’s supply of crude oil.

In the event of an emergency, the agency may make an emergency stocks release, but that’s what it is, as yet, nothing is said about it. Anyway, have a lot of countries, some stocks, say analysts. Because it’s the weekend and the markets are closed, the oil prices have not increased as a result of the attack.

The chief executive officer of staatsoliebedrijf, Saudi Aramco, stated in the night from Saturday to Sunday, namely, “within 48 hours” for more clarity on the extent of the damage and where the production could be resumed. A source of Reuters news agency did, however, reported that it was “not days, but weeks,” would not be able to take.


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