Driver fatal tramongeluk London lost attention’

Driver fatal tramongeluk London lost attention’

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The driver of the tram in november derailed in London, had his attention not there when he was at high speed on a bend afreed.

This is evident from a second interim report of the British research team Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) to the fatal accident, reports the BBC Monday.

In the accident in the South London district of Croydon came on november 9, seven people were killed and another 51 people were injured.

The report showed that the driver two and a half seconds before the crash slowed down, suggesting that he is the focus not there. Also the non-use of the emergency stop points to this, according to researchers. The report does not show what the cause is for the aandachtsverlies the driver.

The tram drove before that derailed with a speed of 74 miles per hour. That is 4 kilometers per hour faster than initially was thought. In the curve is a maximum allowed speed of 20 kilometers per hour. A day after the accident, introduced, researchers have concluded that there is “significantly higher speed” was held.


According to the research team had the tram for about 180 metres before the intersection should slow down. Possible weather conditions had an effect on the accident. At the time of the accident it was raining hard and was dark.

The driver of the tram is on conditional release, after he after the accident, has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

Deaths and injuries due to accident with a tram in London

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