Drink a beer 133 years old

Carlsberg has managed to get the beer to bring, as it ever was brewed with the original pure yeast of 1883. Thanks to a remarkable discovery. Cheers.

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Thanks to advanced techniques, the laboratory of Carlsberg managed to continue brewing with the original pure yeast that’s 133 years in the old cellars of the Danish brewery survived. This means that the beer can taste like more than 13 decades ago was drunk.

The pure yeast – then very revolutionary – it ensured at the time of each brew quality beer could be produced. People were no longer sick, the so-called ‘bierziekte’ was out of the world helped, the beer was to the father of the modern beers bombed. “Without that discovery, we would kind of beer, that now 90 percent of the world market represents, not to know’, once told the British bierhistoricus Martyn Cornell.

In the cellars of Carlsberg, in Denmark, were to a large jolijt of the explorers last year, some of the very first beers of the house – with the original yeast – found. A year of research later the living yeast cells from the bottle will be extracted to the first quality beer of that time again to brew according to the recipe, the ingredients, the yeast and the techniques of the time. Good news for the enthusiast.

With us is the Carlsberg Rebrew now temporarily available in the following bars:

Archiduc in Brussels

La Sicily in Antwerp

Beer Bar in Louvain-La-Neuve

Warehouse in Ghent

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