Dries Roelvink was to program a complete over for tv and radio editorials

Dries Roelvink has had his day should be over, since he has a daily column on Radio 1 can be heard. That is, he tells, on Wednesday, in an interview with the View.

“I like to compare it with sport,” says the 60-year-old singer, who is every day to be on the show with Sven Kockelmann, to be heard. “But it is really each and every day to perform well. It keeps me constantly working on it.”

Roelvink explains how different things are nowadays, you see. “It’s now fully in the spirit of the two minutes that I was on the radio this am. You have to understand: that the lay is really a huge pressure on you. And not just during the day. So my wife and me, in my sleep, sometimes at Kockelmann talk about. I was like, ‘good Morning, Sven.”

Through the columns of his listeners to Roelvink, to go and have a look, the lead singer noticed. “In the beginning, thought,” seventy per cent of the listeners: what is this, professor Dries Roelvink in the world is in for a serious show? But today is eighty-five percent of that I was always right about you.”

“I now feel much more appreciative,” says the singer. “I can do it in the country. So, I am not only for parties booked but it is asking me for pep talks this year. Yes, the Radio 1 audience to me, will be embraced.”

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