Drama in court as SC mother of 5 children killed sobs during the ex-husband and the death penalty trial

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A dramatic scene unfolded in a South Carolina courtroom on Monday, where a teary eyes and mother testified against the death penalty trial of her ex-husband, who is charged with the killing of their five children in a blind rage.

A prosecutor asked Amber Kyzer for the reading of a letter that they had written to their oldest child, in an attempt to comfort her about the divorce and the pain of being in a broken home.

Amber Jones cries on the witness stand while being questioned by the 11th Circuit deputy Solicitor Suzanne Mayes during the process of her ex-husband, Tim Jone.
(The State via AP)

“You children are my world and Mommy and Daddy were truly blessed to have you,” Kyzer read on the witness stand during the pause, and break down in heaving sobs.

“Oh God. Oh God. My babies. My babies,” Kyzer called the judge rushed the jury out of the courtroom.

Her ex-husband, Timothy Jones, Jr., is on trial for his life. He showed no emotion in the images of the trial will be streamed from the Lexington County Courthouse.

Jones, 37, is charged with five murders. His lawyers try to get him found not guilty due to insanity.


Prosecutors said Jones killed their 6-year-old son in a rage after the boy broke a wall outlet in their home near Lexington in August 2014. Jones then strangled 8-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son with his hands and his 2-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter with a belt, prosecutors said.

Authorities said Jones their body wrapped in plastic and put them in his SUV, driving aimlessly around the south-East of the V. S. for the leave of their bodies on a hilltop. Jones was arrested at a Mississippi traffic checkpoint where an officer testified he recognized the “smell of death” from the car.

Kyzer said Jones was a good father, while they were married, but he seemed to begin with psychological problems after they separated.


Jones’ lawyers said in their opening statement that Jones’ mother is in a mental institution for 20 years, and he had undiagnosed schizophrenia. She said Jones’ thin grip on reality was broken by his ex-wife’s infidelity, the difficulty of raising five young children on his own and the feeling that he’s not on his religious beliefs.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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