Dozens of tortured students, freed from a Nigerian school

The police, in the northern part of Nigeria, and 67 students in an islamic heropvoedingsschool ” free, if it is announced Monday. She had a man, and would have been tortured and raped, report it in a straight line. Some of the children would have been killed.

The heropvoedingsschool, where students Saturday, found to have been located in the Northern Nigerian state of Katsina.

Hundreds of students would have the freedom already gone, and they are still missing. The police, a 78-year-old man arrested on suspicion of managing an illegal heropvoedingsschool and detentiefaciliteit.

The police have reported that the pupils between the ages of seven and forty years of age, and in “cruel, inhuman, and degrading conditions” had been detained. One of the freed prisoners, said that the teachers, students tortured, raped, and sometimes killed.

In accordance with local Lawai would like to send to families, children, and men went to the school to get them on the right path, to help and to teach about the faith. “But the way people are treated, it is onislamitisch,” says Musa.

Most recently, all three-hundred students to be freed

In less than a month ago, even three hundred students, freed from a boarding school in Nigeria. It was in the neighboring state of Kaduna. The students were tortured and sexually abused.

In June, called on the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari to put an end to “sexual and cultural practices that constitute the abuse of a child”.

The police, calls the parents to their children, not illegal rehabilitatiescholen to make.

The President wants schools to ban

About ten million children in Nigeria, according to the local organisation, Muslim Rights Concern (go to these islamic schools, which are in the country, known as the almajiri’s. The schools are designed for people of the islamic faith, however, in some cases, it has become a place where children can be exploited. Sometimes, they take to the streets to be sent out to beg.

Buhari said after the incident in Kaduna, the schools want to ban it, but not immediately. The president has not yet responded to the recent liberation of the students.


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