Dozens of protesters continued to riot in hong Kong

For more than four Hongkongers are being prosecuted for their part in the run event this past Sunday. It is a protest against the controversial uitleveringswetsvoorstel and regioregering ended up in a confrontation with the security forces.

Thousands of participants will hit on Sunday, with riot police, who then have to be rubber bullets and tear gas would be used. There have been 44 arrests have been made.

The unrest in hong Kong can be traced back to a uitleveringswetsvoorstel. The regional government is to be treated for an indefinite period of time, suspended, but protesters are demanding an end to the proposal, finally, is hereby repealed.

The tensions in hong Kong, go to more and more demonstrations will get out of hand. So far, no people have been prosecuted for the riots. If the suspects are convicted, they can be up to ten years in prison to get it.

The group is made up of, among others, students, teachers, parents, workers, and pilots. Most of them are under the conditions of a conditional release. A number of protesters allowed in hong Kong, waiting for the process to exit.


The protesters in hong Kong to make the gas harmless, with a pylon

Protesters were injured by fireworks

Hundreds of people will carry out on Wednesday to take action against the persecution. As a group, it was in the morning at a police station being bombarded by a firework out of a car and was thrown out. Here are six of the wounded have fallen. There have been no suspects have been arrested.

The demonstrators ‘ demands for weeks now, an independent inquiry into the actions of the police. Cops use unnecessary force, they argue. Also want to do to the people that the authorities are in the action, no longer a riot call.


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