Dozens of deaths in Asia due to severe weather

Dozens of deaths in Asia due to severe weather

Photo: EPA

Heavy rainfall and other extreme weather conditions provide for floods and landslides in Asia. In Nepal led to at least thirty dead.

Thousands of people were losing their homes. Many places are closed off from the outside world and bridges and dams in the country have been damaged, said the Nepalese minister of Home Affairs.

Also China does suffer from the extreme weather. Thunder and storms raged over the land, causing hundreds of flights at the busy international airport of Beijing will be cancelled.

The local authorities claim that the storm, the strong winds and heavy rainfall provisional hold.


Dozens of deaths due to floods and landslides in Asia


The southwestern province of Sichuan experienced earlier this week are already affected by the severe weather. Heavy rainfall led on Tuesday to a large landslide, in which 24 people were killed. The same province was also hit by a severe earthquake.

Xinjiang, an area close to the border with Kazakhstan, is sat night also hit by a strong quake.

In the autonomous Chinese region of inner Mongolia were still five more people to life as a result of a tornado. Fifty others were injured.

Severe weather events in Asia

A woman tries her goats safe to transport, via a street that is not flooded. In the district of Saptari in Nepal are a lot of floods.

A man tries a flooded area to cross to the Nepalese village of Topa.

Heavy rainfall causes floods in Nepal. Bridges and streets were damaged.

In the southwest of China in a landslide 23 deaths, report local authorities.

Young people in the water at the Nepalese village of Topa, which was hit by heavy floods.

The landslide was due to heavy rainfall in Liangshan in the mountainous province of Sichuan.

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