Dozens of deaths by attack with bomauto on army camp Mali

Dozens of deaths by attack with bomauto on army camp Mali

In an attack on an army camp in the town of Gao, in northern Mali, Wednesday at least 25 people to the life to come. That the Malian army announced. According to a source at the UN, the death toll had risen to 37.

The assault is committed with a bomauto. It is not clear what soldiers are in the camp are stationed. In the region are multiple bases of national and international armed forces, including the Dutch military.

The netherlands takes part in a UN peacekeeping mission in the country. According to the ministry of Defence, there are no Dutch victims. The Dutch military deliver medical support in the affected camp.

Attack in the neighborhood of Camp Castor in #Mali. No Dutch victims.


Time of placing
10:47 – January 18, 2017

Peace agreement

On the military base are, in any case, Malian soldiers are stationed, but also members of various rival armed groups. They conduct joint patrols, as agreed in a peace agreement. That agreement, which under the leadership of the United Nations came into being, it was aimed to put an end to the violence in the troubled north of Mali.

The netherlands is since 2014 part of the UN mission in Mali. Recently, the contribution extended to the end of this year. There are approximately 290 Dutch active for the mission. They are mainly concerned with the collection and analysis of information.

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