Dozens injured in protests against the construction of the Greek migrantenkampen

For the protesters on the Greek island of Lesbos, and Chios on Wednesday, dozens of wounded, of the cases after the residents and the police together in the fight were. Thousands of people are protesting in the islands are against the plans for a new closed-asielzoekerskampen to build it up. The inhabitants, like the coming of more immigrants to oppose it. They are afraid that the people will be permanent.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets. Hundreds and hundreds of them with stones, the helmets of the cops have thrown up. The people do not agree with the introduction of the new detention centres for migrants. It has been a long-time concerns about the interior of the islands. The riot police with tear gas and have sprayed the crowd, to drift apart.

In Chios, assaulted people in a hotel where the officers were staying. Also, on the Greek island of Samos and Aegean islands is protesting against the arrival of a new camp.

On Tuesday, there were already members of the mobile unit from Chios and Lesbos, sent because of the request. According to local media reports, the police have retreated, after the protesters with a vehicle, the police wanted to block it.

The government in Athens, announced two weeks ago that the construction of secure detention facilities in five Aegean islands is going to speed up over the existing camps will have to be replaced. The existing camps on the Greek islands are over-crowded. According to the government in the camps to a more secure situation for the migrants and the local population.

Greece for 2015 and weighed down by a migrantencrisis. It is a country that has more than a million refugees caught in the Middle-East.

56VideoGriekse protesters clash with the police in order to migrantencentra

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