Dozen Ajax defends in the final stage 2-1-ahead against PSV

In the Premier league is on Sunday the winner between Ajax and PSV on the program. To the extent that it was, there were still three other duels played: NAC Breda-VVV-Venlo (1-1), FC Utrecht-Feyenoord (2-2) and PEC Zwolle-FC Emmen (3-0). At 16.45 hours, it is then the turn of the two top teams in the Premier league. Follow everything in our liveblog.

Ajax-PSV (2-1)

PEC-Emmen 3-0
Utrecht-Feyenoord 3-2Ajax-PSV · 2-minute geleden80′ At the Hag cultivates the projection: Rasmus Kristensen comes as an extra defender for Hakim Ziyech, who is obviously frustrated by the change.Ajax-PSV · 3 minutes agoThe time that Tadic goalkeeper Zoet the wrong way to send and Ajax 2-1.Ajax-PSV · 5-minute geleden77′ PSV put full to in the hunt for the second Local hit. The ten of Ajax against and for the position.Ajax-PSV · 7 minutes geleden75′ Another quarter of an hour on the clock and no doubt have a lot of extra minutes because of the VAR.Ajax-PSV · 9 minutes geleden73′ Yellow for the Times after a touch in the face of Veltman.Ajax-PSV · 9 minutes geleden73′ At PSV is Doyell Times in the team come for Sadílek.Ajax-PSV · 10 minutes ago72′ GOAL Ajax! 2-1

Tadic is very cool and get the shot from the dot! The ten of Ajax, standing for against the eleven of PSV!Ajax-PSV · 12-minute geledenTadic will be installing…Ajax-PSV · 12 minutes ago70′ Penalty to Ajax!Ajax-PSV · 13 minutes geleden69′ Kuipers is going to have a look…Ajax-PSV · 13 minutes geledenDe VAR will still look to the time of Neres and Schwaab.Ajax-PSV · 14 minutes geleden68′ Neres goes to the ground in the sixteen meters, but Kuipers gives Ajax no penalty.Ajax-PSV · 18 minutes geleden64′ Bergwijn escapes and gets a huge chance on the 1-2, but the attacker does it with his lower left leg and touch it zijnet.Ajax-PSV · 18 minutes ago

50 – Luuk de Jong scored his 50th headed goal in the Premier league, 25 more than any other player since his debut. Towering.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen18:06 – 31 march 2019Ajax-PSV · 20 minutes geleden62′ PSV will get some more space and will have to go hunting for the 1-2. Pablo Rosario tries from distance, but targets about.Ajax-PSV · 21 minutes agoThe moment so this contest is tilted: Mazraoui has a high leg and touch Angeliño.Ajax-PSV · 23 minutes geleden58′ At the Hag grabs in: Joel Veltman comes on for Lasse Schöne, making Ajax again with four defenders on the pitch.Ajax-PSV · 25 minutes ago58′ GOAL PSV! 1-1

And immediately scores PSV! Luuk de Jong is high and blasts the ball after a cross from Angeliño in the goal. Onana attacks completely wrong.Ajax-PSV · 25 minutes ago,57′ Red for Mazraoui!

The play comes with a high leg and after seeing the images will Kuipers, a red card. Ajax must by with ten man.Ajax-PSV · 26 minutes geleden56′ Kuipers goes to the images look. It is red, for Mazraoui?Ajax-PSV · 27 minutes geleden55 ” Mazraoui there is now yellow. The leg of the right back is much too high and he hits Angeliño.Ajax-PSV · 28 minutes geleden54′ The first card of the afternoon is for Michal Sadílek, who Neres down. The Brazilian is angry, because Ajax had the ball in a promising situation.Ajax-PSV · 29 minutes geleden53′ There is the chance for PSV on the 1-1! Tagliafico let us surprise and with a beautiful through ball from Rosario is Lozano for Onana, but the Ajax goalkeeper returns to the commitment of the Mexican with his foot.Ajax-PSV · 32 minutes geleden50′ Mazraoui get the ball back from Ziyech and try it with a shot in the short corner, but Sweet has the ball.Ajax-PSV · 34 minutes geleden48′ The game is silent for a moment after a touch of Hendrix on the ankle of Tadic. The Serb is treated, but it seems (for now).Ajax-PSV · 37 minutes ago,46′ The ball is rolling for the second company! No substitutions on both sides.Ajax-PSV · 38 minutes geledenDe players to log back on the field in Amsterdam.Ajax-PSV · 44 minutes ago

Statistics first half Ziyech – in PSV’s shots:
Total: 5-3
On target: 2-0
Next: 2-2
Blocky: 1-1 @AFCAjax #AJAPSV

AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen17:41 – march 31, 2019Ajax-PSV · one hour geledenHet was offensive seen, still not best on the side of PSV. The team of Mark van Bommel, and dangerous in the transition, but the opportunities are often not well played.

0 – This was the first time this Premier league season in which PSV failed to register a shot on target in a half of football. Search.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen17:36 – 31 march 2019Ajax-PSV · one hour ago

9 – Ajax have seen their opponents score nine own goals this Eredivisie season, six more than any other team. Help.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen17:13 – 31 march 2019Ajax-PSV · one hour agoAjax is the parent party in the first half, but the Locals were not great opportunities. An error of Schwaab gives the home team the lead.Ajax-PSV · one hour ago,The rest in Amsterdam!

Ajax-PSV 1-0
21′ Own goal SchwaabAjax-PSV · one hour geledenNog a minute to go in the first half. Ajax seems to be a lead to the locker room to go.Ajax-PSV · one hour geleden39′ try Ziyech with a blast from distance, but the lefty can still not a dangerous attempt to deliver.Ajax-PSV · one hour geleden37′ Steven Bergwijn is useful in the small space and creates a chance for himself, but the PSV attacker is blocked by a trio of Players.Ajax-PSV · one hour geledenNog ten minutes, until the peace in Amsterdam. It remains a tactical game in the ArenA.Ajax-PSV · one hour agoAnd so is the party on Amsterdam’s side. Ajax leads with 1-0 after half an hour play, but this duel is far from being decided.Ajax-PSV · one hour ago,The time of the first half until now: Schwaab hit the ball wrong and does a flurry of Ziyech in his own goal.Ajax-PSV · one hour geleden28′ a good action is Lozano Blind lost, but the attacker his action is not a good sequel. PSV gets a corner, but there was more in it.Ajax-PSV · one hour geleden25′ The question is now what PSV will do. The visitors started with three controlling midfielders to get everything closed, but by the own goal from Schwaab will still be different.Ajax-PSV · one hour ago,21′ GOAL Ajax! 1-0

The home team breaks the spell! A sharp cross from Ziyech by Daniel Schwaab and more in his own goal worked. The German has not by that Jeroen Zoet the ball up for grabs.Ajax-PSV · one hour geleden20′ Ajax claims a penalty after hands from Nick Viergever, but arbiter Björn Kuipers wants anything to do with it.Ajax-PSV · one hour geleden18′ Ajax is there this time quickly after a sharp tackle from Frenkie de Jong. Hakim Ziyech makes of meters and gets out, but is aiming for next.Ajax-PSV · one hour geleden16 ” It is still scanning in Amsterdam. Both teams have trouble getting a smooth attack, so there is still no really big opportunities have been.Ajax-PSV · one hour agoThe interest in Amsterdam are clear and there is by both teams also battled for every ball.Ajax-PSV · one hour geleden10′ Ajax is bright and has a lot of the ball in the early stages. PSV keep the spaces small, and aims at the conversion.Ajax-PSV · 2-hour geleden7′ Again escaped Lozano, but this time the Mexican gagged by Daley Blind. PSV is lightning fast in the transition.Ajax-PSV · 2-hour geledenPSV got through Hirving Lozano and Luuk de Jong is just the first opportunity from the conversion, but it is not well played out by the visitors.Ajax-PSV · 2-hour geleden3 ” The first danger is that of Ajax. Noussair Mazraoui runs by and gets the ball in the depth aangespeeld, but the back may not direction target shooting. The header of Donny van de Beek is then wide for the line eliminated by PSV.Back to top

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