Down-ballot Dems freaked out about Bernie

in the vicinityVideoWhy not sen Bernie Sanders to take a stand against the Venezuelan regime?

Fox-News-foreign-policy contribution, Kiron Skinner, says Sen. Sanders, I-Vt., not the Venezuelan regime condemned in a self-conscious way.

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On the roster: Down-ballot Dems freaked out about Bernie – Bloomy rolls out of black reach, with the main endorser Biden, South Carolina firewall is crumbling – Blowback about Trumpf the stone-penetration – First dates are the wooooorst

AP: “sen Bernie Sanders‘ strong start in the race for the presidential nomination is triggering alarm among Democrats in Congress, with many warning that a ticket under the direction of the self-declared socialist could be devastating to the party with chances to win the Senate and hold the house in November. In fearful huddles around the Capitol, concerned Democrats share your concern that Sanders’ socialist label and unyielding embrace of the controversial proposals such as ‘Medicare for All’ and the Green New Deal repel voters in the wealthy, moderate circles, upside-down house taxes in the year 2018 and in closely divided States where the Republican senators are vulnerable. … In private conversations, other Democrats are short and sweet. A house Democrat, told colleagues in swing districts, are frightened by the prospect of a Sanders nomination, while another said moderates increasingly concerned that a Sanders candidacy would devastate their prospects of winning the White house and keep the house. The lawmaker insisted on anonymity to describe private conversations.”

Bernie benefits of the trump-era disclosure standards – Political: “Where are the medical records that she promised us to show NBC News’ Chuck Todd asked last weekend on ‘Meet the Press.’ Sen Bernie Sanders sounded polite enough, as he breathed a puffy cloud of concealment. It was not difficult to translate Sanders’ word cloud: Go to hell, Chuck. A lot of that going around these days. Go to hell is what President Donald Trump said in response to his own disregarded, to pledge, to the publication of his tax records… The narrow question is whether the needs of the public, to see the full health records of a 78-year-old man who recently had a heart attack, suffered and now wants to be the commander-in-chief, or whether its physicians letters to the insurance (not accompanied by a press conference or interview), that he was in satisfactory health are sufficient. A much larger question of Sanders’ willingness to Todd and the rest of us to pound sand, seemingly confident in his belief that it was not paid much for it.”

Luce: of wolves and sheep – the Financial Times: “Brexiters called it “project fear”. President Donald Trump supporters call trump derangement syndrome, and Bernie Sanders fans think of it as corporate panic. What links the habit to exaggerate populism and short-term consequences, the dangers inures people to its installation in each case. The Parallels with global warming are strong. Before the Apocalypse tomorrow, say, instills a sense of fatalism, which creates a paradox for liberals. You want to warn the people of danger, but not so much, they breed in a spirit of devotion. So far, the liberals fail at this task. In Aesop ‘ s fable-course, the wolf finally shows up. But false alarms have numbed people to the present danger. Sometimes his fangs’s point of view, are more apparent than real. It is difficult to prove that Mr. Sanders, for example, poses an existential threat to the American Republic. Still, as Mr. Sanders’ critics insist, there is strong evidence that Mr. Trump would automatically suggest to him.”

CBS News: “Mike Bloomberg won the endorsement Thursday of Houston mayor Sylvester Turner, who leads the fourth largest city in the nation. The announcement follows its approval this week of three members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Your support could help, the concerns related to the absence of any renewed concerns about Bloomberg’s use of “stop and frisk” policies while he was the mayor of New York City. … CBS News has exclusively learned, to help that Turner plans to officially Bloomberg to launch the latest initiative, the Mike for Black America. The program is aimed at both engaging black Americans on the key issues for the black community and the spearhead of an organization of effort on the Bloomberg name. … He also builds respond to the plans, such as the Greenwood initiative, which is meant to be systemic discrimination have led many Black Americans of achievement of generations of wealth. The launch comes in the Wake of the recent polls show Bloomberg is making great strides in the national polls, including wins with black voters. A Quinnipiac poll this week put him in second place with the most important Democratic voting bloc.”

Rivals lift tires 2008 remarks on the cause of the financial panic – the AP: “At the height of the 2008 economic collapse, then-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg said the elimination of a discriminatory housing practice known as “redlining” was responsible for the incitement of the meltdown. “It all began back when it was a lot of pressure on the banks to loan to each,’ Bloomberg, now a democratic candidate for the presidency, said in a forum guest from the Georgetown University in September 2008. … Campaign spokesman Stu Loeser said… ” He says something bad – the financial crisis followed are something good, that is the fight against redlining, that he was part of the mayor.’ … [Elizabeth Warren] criticized Bloomberg for the adoption, the end of redlining-the crash caused. … “I was surprised that someone running for the democratic nomination’m the economy would be better off if we just let the banks be thinking more openly racist,” she said.”

Parkland Congressman backs Bloomy – South Florida Sun Sentinel: “highlighting the common is to combat gun violence, Congressman Ted Deutch endorses Mike Bloomberg for President. Long before Bloomberg, a presidential candidate, was one of his signature issues, gun violence has, also a years-long a Central issue for the English — even before the year 2018, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in his district. … The members of Congress, as a co-Chairman of the Mike Leadership Council, a Federal government-wide efforts to strengthen support for Bloomberg among Jewish voters. Before his entry into politics, Deutch was active in Jewish philanthropic efforts in the pro-Israel causes.”

Trump is focused on other New York – Mediaite: “Need proof that Mike Bloomberg is now regarded as a political threat to the second term of President Donald Trump? Look no further than on Thursday, the insults hurled, the former New York City mayor on the president’s Twitter feed, and perhaps more interesting, as Bloomberg hit back in a quick and clinical way. Trump first quote-tweeted a photo-shopped picture, which depicted a diminutive Bloomberg Stand next to a stack of papers, while an oversized President cut a symbolic red ribbon. Trump calls Bloomberg a ” LOSER who has money, but can not respond to the debate,’ … Bloomberg was very quick to via Twitter, but called Trump as a ” carnival barking clown.’ He added. “You know that you inherited a fortune & squandered it with stupid offers and incompetence.'”

Mercenaries in memetic warfare – NYT: “Mike Bloomberg involved, some of the biggest meme maker on the internet to post sponsored content on Instagram to promote his presidential campaign. The Bloomberg campaign is working with Memes 2020, a new company formed by some of the people behind the most influential accounts. Mick Purzycki is the leading strategist of the Memes 2020 project. He is also the chief executive of Jerry Media, a media and marketing company is a strong force in the influencer economy. The company’s portfolio includes some of the most well-known meme accounts on Instagram. Jerry Media was at the center of controversy last year after a debate about the correct account in the meme culture … The campaign launched this week, sponsored posts placed on top of Instagram accounts including @grape juice boys, a meme-page with more than 2.7 million followers; Jerry Media’s own popular account, with more than 13.3 million followers; and @Tank.Sinatra, a member with more than 2.3 million followers.”

NYT: “Even before the final results out of New Hampshire showed the former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., finishing a distant fifth, Mr Biden flew to the warm embrace of South Carolina in the night of Wednesday to appear at a party that had all the markings of a victory to celebrate. … The ability to mobilize black support in South Carolina, which has its primary on Feb. 29, and to the South, has long been the Foundation of Mr. Biden’s candidacy — a supposed advantage, the highlight of his capacity would be to forge a diverse coalition President Trump. But, as Mr Biden revive looks to black voters, his candidacy after defeats in both Iowa and New Hampshire, cracks in the support, in some polls, and among the most influential local and national Democrats, who say out loud what many have privately of the opinion that he has a safe, familiar political port for you as much as an object of affection.”

Conversations hard to try to support, trailer – Politico: “Former Vice President Joe Biden after his pair of devastating losses – she tries to calm supporters in the evening to call on Wednesday, that the ‘things have not changed” and that ” there was no drop off in our ner.’ They argue that the primary is still wide open,’ Biden said he was ‘confident that we can win South Carolina. I think we will win Nevada, but it is a fraction that is a little bit different,”-said in a recording of the 13-minute phone call by you, POLITICALLY. Biden has long said that he would be better than his rivals, once the primary reaches more different States, particularly in South Carolina. His campaign sees the state as a “start ramp” to the Super Tuesday success. But a threat of Mike Bloomberg and bad performances in comparison to other colleagues, moderated by Pete Buttigieg , and Amy Klobuchar in the first two States, the Biden campaign is on the edge.”

THE rules: PREVENTIVE measures
“A protection against invasion is due from every society to compose the parts of it.” – James Madison, Federalist No. 43

Smithsonian: “In 1959, the Smithsonian Institution received a letter from Mrs. James Shirley C. Wade , the offer for sale is a linen banner with an ink portrait of the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. An eagle carried the Jefferson-portrait of victorious aloft framed in a halo of the seven-pointed star. To proclaim from the bird’s beak have streamed a Band: ‘T. Jefferson President of the United States. John Adams is no More.’ … Today the flag is one of the few surviving artifacts of the 1800 election, held in the collections of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. But, as Mrs. Wade has come to be an important part of American history? They reported that in 1958, her 14-year-old son, Craig, and his 11-year-old brother, Richard, discovered the relic in a railroad ditch in the vicinity of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The older son took it home and pinned it on his bedroom wall. The family noticed its significance after the brothers took turns, and bring it to school for show-and-tell, and their teachers both recommended the show it to a local museum.”

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Buttigieg: 23
Sanders: 21
Warren: 8
Klobuchar: 7
Biden: 6
[Ed. Note: 1,991 delegates needed to win]

Average Approval: 44 Percent
The average of the rejection: 51.4 percent
Net Score: -7.4 Percent
Change from a week ago: ↓ 1.4 points
[Average, includes: Monmouth University: 44% approve, reject – 51%; Quinnipiac University: 43% approve – 53% disapprove; ABC News/WSJ: 46% approve, reject – 51%; CBS News: 43% approve, reject – 51%; IBD: 44% approve – 51% disapprove.]

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Politico: “President Donald Trump‘s post-indictment acquitted conduct raises a chill in Washington, with Attorney General William Barr stands out as an important ally in the president’s quest for revenge against the law enforcement and national security establishment, initiated by the Russia-and Ukraine-investigation. Perhaps the most dramatic day yet for the Ministry of justice under the trump, four top prosecutors moved on Tuesday from a case of the president’s longtime friend , Roger stone , according to senior department overrode their sentencing recommendation—a climb-down that DOJ-veterans and legal experts suggest was influenced by trump’s own dissatisfaction with the prosecutors ‘ judgment…. The President has only dealt with such a suspicion, congratulated Barr lit on Wednesday to intervene in Stone’s case and the tee of hours later on prosecutors, calling it, ‘Mueller people,” stone,’ very bad.'”

Andrew McCarthy: Roger stone condemnation fiasco – National Review: “How criminal-justice ‘reform’ of the stone of the law enforcement is more politics than law enforcement. It is the Müller probe was to do the last sigh as it could be something that the Russia-collusion story – notwithstanding that, if the “gee, it feels like there are some arrangements could have been filed here,” indictment, about a year and a half after special counsel Robert Müller was appointed, he was manifest for a long time, that there is no trump–Russia conspiracy. So, the Left has a Dilemma here: do you hate trump more than you love sentencing ‘reform’?”

John Kelly lets loose The Atlantic: “Lieutenant Colonel Alexander he received his, the former National Security Council aide and prosecution witness President Donald Trump fired Friday, was just doing his job, former White house chief of staff John Kelly said the students and guests in a Drew University event on Wednesday night. A 75-minute lecture and Q&A session, [John] Kelly , laid out in the clearest terms yet, his concerns about Trump’s words and actions in relation to North Korea, illegal immigration, military discipline, the Ukraine and the media. Kelly, a former Marine Corps general, said that he received his is blameless and was just after the training he had received as a soldier; migrants are “mostly good people’ and ‘not all rapists’; and Trump the decision, the state of the military-to-military assistance for Ukraine on a study of his political rival, Joe Biden, overturned longstanding U.S. policy.”

This week, Fox News Senior judicial Analyst judge Andrew Napolitano explains the history behind the Patriot Act: “While we were all consumed charges, a shameful piece of legislation was slowly and quietly making its way through Congress. It is a renewal of section 215 of the Patriot Act. The “Patriot Act” of 2001 consists of three sections, which are scheduled to expire on 15. March. One of these sections of the infamous 215 is to capture the authorized representative of the Federal government, without a warrant, all records of all the people in America, by a third party. We really want the Federal government to spy without a warrant? How can protect the Congress, which is sworn to preserve and defend the Constitution, the legislation to such a blatant violation?” More here.

Report: U.S. budget deficit rose from 25% in the first four months of fiscal year 2020 – WSJ

Pergram: Congress ” budget battles sparks confusion, without a lot of progress – Fox News

Hope Hicks return to the White house, this time as Jared Kushner‘s aide – Mediaite

After the vote to accuse Trump, Sen. Joe Manchin is likely to be in favour of his re-election – Politico

Trump’s campaign, GOP haul in $60M in the midst of impeachment – Fox News

“There were not particularly strong indicators this week, which he has.” Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, when asked whether President Trump had a lesson learned to impeachment, per the NYT.

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WHDH: “A man who robbed a bank in North Attleboro [Mass.] while she was sentenced on a first date with a woman, and learned he met online last week to three years in state prison, authorities announced Tuesday. … [Christopher Castillo‘s] date took him by the parents, the house on Dec. 5, 2016, and he drank of the wine, while the other two went to the Bristol County Savings Bank in North Attleboro, prosecutors said. If the two prayers, then in the vicinity of the bank, Castillo to drag his appointment, and he stopped her Nissan Maxima. … Prosecutors say Castillo flashed a gun in the face of a bank teller, stated that he was “really hurting” for money, and demanded $1,000. Then he went back to his date, the sweating with a gun and cash in hand. Castillo, the wife said to go to “(expletive)”, but she later pulled over in a Dunkin’ Parking lot when she saw blue police lights in your rear-view mirror. She was not charged in connection with the incident.”

“For 26 years for television advertising has been free from cigarettes. Why? Because TV does not want to be convinced as nothing else can, and we that young people are persuaded–die-hard TV watchers–. However, television is full of exhortations to. TV sports in particular, a staple of the young people, is a long hymn on the glories of beer.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writing in Time magazine on June 24, 2001.

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