Douwe Bob fined 1,500 euros due to threat

Douwe Bob has of the magistrate in Amsterdam, a fine of 1,500 euros. The court considers proven that the singer two security officers of the Amsterdam hospital OLVG has threatened.

The singer has released on november 2, 2018, with two security guards of the hospital threatened after his girlfriend is unwell.

Various media report that Douwe Bob Posthuma, such as the singer totally hot, in a panic, and therefore, the security need and endangered.

The singer would also, with too much alcohol behind the wheel of his brommobiel being stepped on. “He realizes that he better catch a taxi or ambulance could call, but saw no other way out,” said the lawyer of the singer.

‘Shame on me-incredible’

A day after the incident, the singer to the hospital, returned to his to apologize. The court considered that it was therefore not necessary Posthuma a wider audience.

“I’m ashamed incredibly for what happened that night happened,” says Posthuma in a comment on his Facebook page. The singer explains that his girlfriend, after a night out not feeling well.

“I made me great concerns to her and have her in a panic immediately taken to the hospital, even though I had too much to drink and I never had in a vehicle.”

‘Had the feeling that the situation is life-threatening, was’

Once in hospital it took, according to Posthuma long before they were. “I panicked and had the feeling that the situation is life threatening. When my friend fell to the ground, I have on the desk is hit and I am still going to shout that they now helped had to be.”

The artist understands that the security guards him as a threatening experience. “So I would like to again offer my apologies and to emphasize how much respect I understand for that profession.”

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