Doutzen Kroes, film, also fights with a man with his own YouTube channel

Douzen Kroes will be starting a YouTube channel: Doutzen Diaries. The channel on Tuesday will be online. The model was presented by YouTube, will be contacted for the services.

Her video shows the 34-year-old model, you can see it in their daily lives, both at work and private. Cup was on Monday night as a guest in a home cooked apple pie on the YouTube channel and tell us.

Kroes explained the reasons why he or she no longer has to have her private life exposed on the internet): “I’m private, have always been involved with the film. I thought that is what I am experiencing is not able to share it and to restore it. Now I’ve got eight months to have a team around me that follows me so I have a lot of footage I have. Therefore, I want to see a different side of myself to show for it. In the end, that people will be seeing it in the media, but they don’t understand it. I think it’s nice to see that I really am different from how I always am, though.”

The top will have to do that by, you can see in her relationship, family life, children, hobbies. “My husband thought it was at first difficult. He knew, of course, not exactly what is going to happen. However, we are filming so everything also arguments that it does not matter to me. However, we do have total control over what we are going to show up. If we don’t want to, then do it.”

The goal is to have a realistic picture of the work that Cup does. “I think that’s very important. But the contrast between my work and being a mom. I have just come back from New York Fashion Week, and to get the kids out of school and allow them to cook, and That’s who I am. I have been enjoying the glamour and all of the attention, but also to come home, and mother, and wife.”

Daughter Mylenna is all of the attention today, as well as beautiful, according to Kroes. Laughing, she says “Maybe that’s why its called a” spin-off. Because they are stealing all the limelight. It is truly a memento that you want to get to know it, I think. A natural born star. I know there is nothing of me in it. Remember that it is her father’s. My son, Phyllon, seems more to me like it’s going to be about what I think of certain things and how vulnerable I am.”

Crucible doesn’t know what to expect as a reaction from the audience. “I think people will find it to be very nice to each other, in a box, to stop it. I am a mom, married and have two children. If I have a video post in the sexy lingerie, people will find that it will not be able to. I’m a bad example. But that’s just me. And I think it’s also a lot of fun to provoke. And now I’m to be completely self-directed.”

Kroes, married to dj Sunnery James, with whom she has two children: Phyllon (8), and Myllena (5). She walked in shows for big names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Versace.

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